Space is increasingly being used multifunctionally. Sometimes due to place shortage, houses are becoming more expensive, so we often live smaller and smaller. Sometimes because of laziness. Why go to another room if you can watch TV from your bed, your home office can also be set up between bed sheets and pillows, and breakfast in bed can be upgraded to lunch and even dinner in bed?

The challenge? To fill a small space as functionally and aesthetically as possible without becoming claustrophobic. How do you do that?

1. Storage bench
The storage bench can serve as a seat, cupboard or general storage space. You can choose a lid that you can lift, slide or cabinet doors. Some decorative and comfortable cushions make it a handy sofa

2. Office cabinet
The cabinet/desk combination is handy because the desktop can be retracted and camouflaged in the closet environment. This way you can give your bedroom a working atmosphere, but just as well store it again and go for peace and comfort, after you have stored your workspace. It is efficient and saves space.

3. Bed with storage space
A bed does not only serve to sleep. Mainly still, but you can efficiently provide a storage space underneath. Preferably a closed box with wheels, which means less dust collects underneath. It can also make the need for a box spring unnecessary.

4. Wall lighting
Little place? Then standing lamps are inconvenient. Convenient hanging bulbs that you can mount against the wall are more comfortable. Preferably with a rotating arm, so you can update where necessary. Need more light in your bed? You only have to turn the head of the lamp. Need more light at your desk? You set the arm of the lamp a little. Light a bit further or a bit closer? No problem.

5. Large mirrors
Mirrors do wonders in small spaces. Especially, if you have a source of natural light. A large window for example. A mirror can distribute the light better and makes the room appear lighter and more spacious. A mirror with an inconspicuous frame will also take up less space visually.

6. Bookcase
A bookcase with a modular, open and straightforward design can conveniently divide a room. It can also be expanded as needed or in the style of the room. A sleek design visually takes up less space again.

7. A roundtable
Do you have to have a table? Then take one with a small round table top and an adjustable steel leg in the middle. This gives you more legroom, you do not take unnecessary space, and your table is next to your bed, then your table can double as a bedside table.

8. Hanging wall drawer
No room for cupboards? You can solve a part of the problem with hanging drawers. They are small and aesthetically justified. Especially a floating shelf is very attractive. It can serve as a floating bedside table; you can put in your electronic devices to recharge. You can put a pile of books on it. It is small but refined. Modern, but not robust. It is elegant and available in different styles, which also offers many possibilities.

Published by Mudassar Ali