If you are looking to improve the appearance of your room, you always bring nice color curtains to add attraction and beauty in your rooms. Curtains contribute a lot in improving the outlook of your room, so keep looking for the best fabric curtains. What about hanging pencil pleat curtains in the room? Pencil pleat curtains are known as tape curtains that have got three-string rows with different hook positions to suit all types of poles. This is the special benefit of using these curtains, so people bring readymade pencil pleat curtains in their rooms to save time. Readymade curtains save plenty of time that every user wants to save nowadays. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps of hanging pencil pleat curtains.

It is not difficult to hang the curtains, especially when we talk about readymade curtains. If you have brought pencil pleat curtains and don’t know how to hang them, follow our simple steps to hang the curtains easily.

Check the Size

The first thing is to check the size of a curtain before you hang it. You should be sure that the size of the curtain is perfect, as the right size curtains look good and add grace to your room. So, get the exact measurement of your curtain before you hang it. The wrong size may create issues with the appearance of your curtains.

Pull Out the Strings

After you have brought the right size curtains, the next thing is to pull out the strings at one end to knot both ends. Start from one end and reach at the other end to get the job done reasonably. It’s a basic step to hang the curtains that you can’t skip while hanging pencil pleat curtains.

Gather Pleats

After pulling the strings, your next job is to gather strings from the other side as well. Slowly gather strings by pulling towards the knot that you knotted after taking the size of your curtain. Remember, the process should be done slowly or else you’ll lose the grip of the curtain by moving your strings fast. It’s a slow process that should work in a comfort zone.

Hold the Panel to Find the Middle Point

Gathering pleats won’t finish your job unless you hold the panel to find the middle point. After you have gathered pleats, your next task is to hold the panel to figure out the accurate size of your curtain to match it with the window size. The middle point is figured out in this step to know the pole size for perfect fitting. If you are unable to find out the middle point, then you’ll have to lose pleats again to repeat the time-consuming process. Of course, you won’t want to waste your precious time.

Tie off Strings

The size of the panel should be well according to the window, so after sizing you have to tie off the strings to make the best use of curtains. Change the size of the panel if you want to use it for another purpose, but fix the panel well according to the size that you have just measured. You can also tuck the strings to figure out the size when you don’t want to display the curtain. This process is a part of sizing when you check the panel.

Ready Hooks

It’s time to ready the hooks by placing them properly. This is the stage where you adjust curtains on the hooks. Adjust the level of the pole from all sides including middle and side ends to make it look perfect. Placing a hook at the right place is an art that should be done with care or else you’ll have to work again once the strings come out of the poles.

Fix the Curtain Up

This is the final stage of knotting the curtain. In this step, you get the curtain up. Now start passing out your curtain from all hooks to adjust it rightly. Do the process slowly to fix the curtain on the right rings. This is the final step to hang the curtain.

Hanging readymade pencil pleat curtains are easier than custom made curtains. So, better choose readymade curtains to save time and energy. It comes up in smart working!



Published by Shahbaz Ahmed