The CSAT or Customer Satisfaction is a metric to measure how customers feel about a certain product or a service. It is a performance metric for measuring how good the quality of the services or products of a business is. Here are some of the top benefits a company can enjoy by implementing the CSAT metric:

1. Awareness of how services and products are received by the customers

If a business does not measure their CSAT score, they will be never aware of what their customers actually feel about their offerings. As such, they will not have any way to understand their areas of improvement, as well as, which areas are doing well.

2. Improved management

Your call center agents should always ensure that their customers are happy and satisfied. However, it is difficult to know without surveying the customers whether they are successful in their endeavors or not. Managers can use the data collected and analyzed through CSAT to lead their teams in a more effective manner.

3. Helps in understanding the way internal changes can have an impact on customer satisfaction

Companies can use CSATs to find out whether any changes incorporated in existing business processes and employee training have managed to impact the level of customer satisfaction or not. In case a new process is launched at the most recent employee training leading to lower Customer Satisfaction scores, then the company can conclude that the new process is not an effective one.

How to improve the CSAT score?

1. Find out why your customers are not participating in the survey

If a business is really serious about improving their CSAT score, they should ensure that the design of the survey has been done appropriately. They need to ensure that the survey is easy and simple for the customers to participate.

2. Agents should end the survey in a positive tone

After the survey is completed by an unsatisfied customer, the agents should make sure to end the conversation in a positive manner. Agents should make sure that they express their concern as well as try their best to give the best possible customer support.

3. Gather feedback

Customers should be asked to express their constructive criticism so that a business can understand the actual reason for customer dissatisfaction and how to improve the customer experience.

Can CSAT be an effective customer satisfaction measure?

There are a couple of reasons why CSAT may not succeed in delivering a real indication of customer satisfaction.

Firstly, customer service agents are typically aware that customers will be told to complete a satisfaction survey once the calls are on the verge of completion. There are some agents who even go to the extent of asking whether there is any reason why the customer would not like to give them a 5-star rating while closing the calls. Appeals like that definitely impact the company’s CSAT score.

Secondly, some pundits debate that CSAT can only measure the short-term judgment of a customer about a particular contact. A CSAT may not tell a business about their customers’ long-term perception of them.

Plus, any particular customer can express high satisfaction level on a particular day but change their mind on other days. It is very difficult to know whether it was the result of the agents’ attitude or the state of mind of the customer on these two different days.

Although getting feedback on customer interactions from time to tie is useful, managers may require an all-inclusive customer satisfaction measure, which can look beyond just individual interactions. It is precisely for these reasons that marketers and researchers have come up with extra metrics for measuring customer perceptions like the CES (Customer Ease of Service) and NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Effect of low Customer Satisfaction Scores

Although there are certain limitations as mentioned above, the popularity of CSAT surveys cannot be disputed. They are simple to implement as well as provide useful insights. It is evident that there is a drop in the CSAT metric when the customers are not satisfied. The organization also suffers when there are negative reviews on social media, which can create an unfavorable impression on the company’s potential new customers and give an edge to the competitors.

Ways of monitoring CSAT

After a business has set up a technique for collecting the customers’ perceptions about their service or product, CSAT scores should be highlighted in real time. The scores should be tracked on a regular basis for trend analysis. Plus, a business needs to track CSAT with other performance metrics such as CES and NPS, which are also measures to assess customer perceptions.

Customer support managers should have a real-time knowledge of the performance of their support center as well as their associated activities and personnel. Plus, reports on customer support performance should be generated on a regular basis and need to be standardized in all the support centers. These reports need to be made available for different management levels.

When all the staffs and support centers are centrally monitored and are connected to multiple technologies with a single powerful dashboard, management will be able to proactive decisions so that the risks can be minimized and the budget can be maximized. Most importantly, the customer experience of an organization will keep improving when resources are under systematic monitoring.


Published by Matthew Piggot