How do the people we hang around effect us? My friends don't influence the way I act!

These are all things I hear day after day, especially the second point. We all believe our friends are the best things that are in our lives, when they are going through a tough time- we go through a tough time. When they are happy- we are happy. Our moods bounce off of our friends.

Who we hang around and have in our life determine the life we live!

Through this post Im not trying to say that you should ditch all of your friends and be lonely. I want people to realise that friends are important and influence you more then you would think so choose wisely. 

If we are hanging around people all the time who have completely different morals to us and different beliefs then how are they influencing you.

"Do not be mislead: 'bad company corrupts good character" 

1 Corinthians 15:33


friends influence us even if we don't notice, instead of others having a bad influence on you try and have a good influence on others. Be the friend that influences others in a positive way.

Published by Clare Lauren