The most obvious things are easy to miss.


Have you ever looked for your glasses and found them on the edge of your nose? Have you ever looked for your hat and found it on your head? What about running around, panicking because you are late but you can’t find the keys to the car? Then come to realize that they were in your hand all this time. 


All of those have happened to me. 


God is always speaking, are you listening?


When I set out to do a Christian missions and discipleship school I had no idea that I could actually hear God’s voice. I had this preconceived idea that only the super holy folks talk with God as with a friend. My communication with God was one way. I would throw up a few prayers into God’s cloud database and hope for the best. 


Then during my school, one of the guest lecturers spoke on the topic of hearing God’s voice. That week my life radically changed. The speaker basically shared how God is always speaking and we are simply not listening. 


I couldn’t believe it was that simple.


Can I really hear the Almighty’s voice?


During that week of lecture I happened to misplace my wallet. I looked for days. I retraced my steps, but still couldn't find it. One day I was walking to my dorm room, and simply praying. “God I really need to find my wallet!” Right in that moment a thought came to mind, “Why don’t you stop and listen.”


So I paused and waited.


Within seconds I got a thought in my mind. Back door. After the thought I saw an image in my imagination. My soccer cleats. 


So I ran to the rarely used back entrance of the dorm rooms. I opened the door. I looked to the side and there were my soccer cleats. I looked inside the shoe and there was my wallet!


When we hear God’s voice we come into a mutual relationship with him.


In that moment, I learned that God is not far away. God is near. He is so close that most of the time he doesn’t even need to speak in an audible form. He wants to speak intimately to your inner being.


Have you lost God?


If you feel like God is far away in some kind of castle in the sky, let me inform you of some good news! God is near. He is speaking today. He wants to relate with you. He is so close to you that you can’t run away from him.


Like the missing glasses, hat or keys, God’s voice has been so obvious to you that you may have heard him speak you just haven't realized it yet.


I encourage you to stop and listen.

Published by Sergei Kutrovski