This novella had great potential. It just missed the mark, leaving me quite underwhelmed. This book is a fictionalized tale taking a look at illegal poaching and the different levels of people involved in the vicious ivory trade.The story is narrated from the point of view of an elephant, while this could have been a fantastic writing choice it was underutilized and ultimately wasted.

I hope that a story like this will ignite a spark in readers to explore further into the criminal injustices being committed against these beautiful animals and their habitats. Overall I feel that the political and corporate corruption being examined in the book is too large and widespread an issue to be approached in such a small space.

Suzanne is obviously very passionate about elephant conservation. Her passion does manage to come across in her writing, it's just not consistent throughout the novella. Suzanne's writing style is simple and easy to read, even though chronologically the story jumps around a lot. This disjointed story telling can be confusing and damaging to the overall flow of the novel.

One of the only advantages this book does have is the subject matter is compelling and definitely worth telling.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker