Hi guys!

I had a lot of questions about how I edit my photos on Instagram. It’s quite simple, I’ll write you a few steps and show you. Before we start, you should know which apps am I using. 

I use VSCO for the filters, exposure, contrast… And, Snapseed for whitening my background, to match my currently lets-try-once-again-white-feed feed. I also have Whitagram for white frames. (I was obsessed with that too.) Then, I have an app for mirror effect, and Pixlr which you’ll never guess for what I use. 


For an example:

1• Upload photo on VSCO.



2• I choose filter first, usually – I mean every single time, HB1.



3• Then, I fix exposure, but this photo doesn’t have that issue so I turn up contrast for one, and I lower down saturation and temperature for one, too. This of course depends on the photo you edit, and what matches the most with Instagram.



4• My greatest secret about planning my feed is this. It’s a screenshot of my VSCO library. After editing photos I don’t delete them, so I could actually see if they will fit or won’t. There’s nothing more annoying than posting a photo and deleting it because the photo just doesn’t fit in.



5• After that I cropped it a bit and used mirror effect on a different app. 



6• Things I didn’t, but I usually, do is that sometimes I lower exposure and especially then, I use Snapseed to white the background. If I have black and white photo, I add blue shadow tint, not to the 12 obviously. 



7• And my not so ordinary usage of Pixlr is in text option, because many quote photos on the Internet are not so great quality so I often redo them. 




Which apps have you been using? Did I help you learn something new? If you liked this blog post, be sure to give the thumbs up and follow my blog www.queenBsdiary.wordpress.com!

Lots of love, BS



Published by Borka Šaula