How I feel wearing makeup? For everyone it's a different reason. So do what makes YOU happy. My thoughs about makeup and wearing it. 

My first makeup product was a low bugdet mascara, I don't remember what brand. I watch allot of beauty guru's on youtube that where testing all different makeup product and I fell in love with it. I didn't buy it immediately but I did know how to do a full face of makeup, by just watching these girls do there thing.

Of course I tried more and more makeup, the brand I first explored  was Essence a budget friendly brands, that's cruelty free and perfect to start with. Essence is still one of my favorites but when you become an makeup junkie like me you buy more then just one brand. 
I see allot of struggles if it comes to makeup, some people say that your fake, hidding your real self or your ugly without it? I think this is nonsense you wear it because you like it. And not because your ugly without, your pretty with and without.I wear makeup because I love the way I look with it and even when I have no makeup on, I don't really care what people thing.

I feel just the same without it. Yes makeup is strong and can hide allot of things but you can shine bright and show al your perfections! If a person is feeling good with or without let them be. Just choose you.

I love hearing from you! What's your thougths about wearing makeup?

Robin Xx

Published by Robin N.