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I get to travel a lot because I fly on a standby pass. My father works for a major US airline so him, my mom, my siblings, and me get to travel standby for free. Here is my understanding of standby travel from my experiences and knowledge.

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Flying standby does not mean a guaranteed seat on the plane. Standby customers fly on a space available basis, so if there's an empty seat on the plane, it goes to those who are standing by. From my experiences, there have only been a handful of times where I have not been able to get a seat on a flight, and most of those times were during peak traveling seasons.

There are two types of standby customers, employees and their companions, and paying customers that, say, missed their flight and need to catch another one or for some other circumstance. I fall under employees and their companions.

Flying standby may seem sketchy because you don't know if your butt will make it on the plane, but it's the price you pay to travel for free. There have been times where my family has canceled trips to Disneyland because a flight got full. The magical standby solution? We just went to Disneyland the next month instead!

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