Since game launching, we all went out searching for Pokemons, collect them, raise them up and evolve, which is not so efficient especially for those who want to use their time wisely. 

Today, I was able to collect more than 50,000 EXP in just 30 min. Which made me jump from level 19 to 20 and almost just 18,000 EXP for the next level. 

The Key of this Method is called "Farming."

Farming is a great technique used in many MMPROG and role playing games. I wanted to apply it in Pokemon as well for high efficiency, and it works well. 

 Don't ever waste candies or evolve ANY Pokemon once you had it. Keep collecting the Pokemons as much as you can. And Keep your Stardust "IT'S SO DIFFICULT TO COLLECT SO DON'T WASTE THEM PLEASE!!" 

Once you feel you can evolve around 40 Pokemons, so here is the plan. 

1- Organize your Pokemons by Name or Numbers, so you will have more precise information about what you will evolve.

2- for Pokemons like Pidgey, don't evolve it to third evolution unless you didn't have before because it doesn't matter the stage of evolution. "More Candies, Same EXP. So it's better to spend 24 candies evolving two Pidgeys (1000 EXP)  better than spending 50 Candies to evolve one Pidgeotto to Pidgeot "500 EXP".

3- Remember that for new Pokemons, you will have an extra 500 EXP when it registered to Pokedex just at the first time. 

4- LUCKY EGG EXP, YES. After ensuring everything is okay and you are ready to release your hardworking farming, Activate the EXP EGG and you will have 2X EXP. So, one evolution will give you 1000 EXP. Evolute as many as you can in 30 Minutes. You can also wait the time before you have hatching eggs so More EXP will be gained if the eggs hatched while Double EXP is activated.

Don't worry, by this way also you will be able to fight at GYMs and control them. I already Upgraded my Bag with 200 Coins after GYM's Battling

For me, I evolved 50 Pokemons, and had new 2 Pokemons in my index, and I got more than 50,000 EXP in just 30 minutes. After one week of farming. 

You could even do more, as I am not that active, I just try to consume my time wisely. So, If you like the game and want to Power up your level to gain higher CP Pokemon faster. this Method will help you.      






Published by Mohamed Abouzid