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Working in Retail

Yesterday around 10 am while doing my rounds of grocery shopping, I received a phone call from an organization that runs their business through bought donations from an associated partner within the Province of Ontario in Canada. This job organization is similar to any other stores that receives donations from anyone and reselling it.

The week before that I recently had two interviews from the store manager and the head manager.

Why? It was their way that if you passed the first interview you are qualified to be interviewed by the head manager which happened the next day. If I passed both interviews, it would be a potential for me to start working within their company.

Of course I was all very nervous however I did not stop to speak profoundly and eloquently no matter how much I tried not to stutter.

So now how did I get this job?

1. Make your resume and/or cover letter

  • First things first is that you have to have a Resume, this not only outlines your skills, education and work job history you also have to put and Objective to determine what position are you specifically interested in. Keep your resume up to date
  • Cover letter, you do not necessarily have to have a cover letter to apply to fast foods such as McDonald or Tim Horton however it is a professional way to introduces yourself and explains your purpose for writing. This accentuate a littler bit of your experiences or skills, and requests an opportunity to personally meet your future employer.

2. Apply a lot 

  • You have to be determined to find a job and send in your resumes via online or go to the store manager of the company you are trying to apply for.
  • Always keep an open eye for any job openings withing your area

- During my job hunt, I sent most of my resumes online, Just to make sure I went to different malls, retail stores, fast food restaurant to personally give in my resume.

- If considering this a mistake, I only applied up to 8 stores last year. This did not guarantee me a possible to get hired by any of those companies I applied for. 

3. Be patient

  • The store manager won't easily just call you the day after you sent in or gave in your resume, they would be too busy looking through their files of other candidates they could possibly interview in the future, but don't give up they would of course look at yours.
  • If you're lucky enough to be patient, they may have a lot of applicants to review and stumbled upon your files; they would be there to give you a call for an interview.

When I applied for the job I recently got, I sent my resume to them about 2 weeks prior the call I got from them.

4. Experiences

  • Some companies requires certain experiences from previous jobs, if you do not have any previous experiences simply highlight you key qualities that could be a potential asset to the company.
  • Don't forget to put in volunteer experiences(if you ever have one) on your resume as the hiring manager may be interested in those experienced skills you've acquired, it could be of a great assist to the company.

5. Calling in for an interview

  • If you have received a call from the company you've applied for, chances are they will ask your availability. Think about the times that you could be busy such as going to school. You have to clarify with the person you are talking to on the phone which days and hours you are available.
  • If you are going to the interview make sure to keep calm, I know this can be quite a nerve wrecking because you will never know what they would ask you. 
  • Keep a straight posture, always look into the persons eyes professionally. This means do not look around, up or above as it could set them off that you're not prepared. 
  • Do not use any lingos, again this does not sound too professional 
  • Be honest with your answers, no matter how big or small the matter is

6. Be prepared

  • If you did manage to be called in for an interview, it's best to do some research. This would make you more professional and that you know alot about the company. Genuinely the hiring manager would think you are prepared and very interested in the job. Look up questions for an interview within the company
  • Example: "Interview questions for McDonalds" Try to answer the questions to the best of your ability, there is no right or wrong answers. If you are stuck, it won't hurt to do researches for answers to a specific questions that may help you answer the questions
  • Throw in some examples from your past job or volunteer experiences along with the answers for the questions

7. Dressing up

  • Find out how to dress for your interview, some very big companies do require you to wear formal attires however if you are not sure, do some research because you could be wearing a casual clothing or a formal clothing.
  • I advice you, do not attend the interview wearing sleeveless shirts, open toed shoes or shorts. Skirts and dresses must always be below the knees.

Job hunting can be tough, some companies won't even bother to look at the files that was sent to them from individuals who wish to pursue a career in their company. However do not give up just because you haven't heard any from them. Always apply and do you best, keep your resumes up to date and always look for any job openings in your areas. Happy Job Hunting!!!

That is all for today, if you have any questions regarding about jobs please feel free to write them below or send me a personal message and I will get right back at you. Thank you

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