What do you do if you win 5 spins playing online slots? You have several options, but some are definitely better than others. After you find free spins here are some ways to invest them wisely:

1. Keep track of when the free spins expire

This might seem like a case of stating the obvious but is still worth noting. If you win lots of 5 free spins, it can be easy to lose track of when they expire. You should take note when that happens and even set a reminder, so it’s easier to keep track when you’re unable to use the free spins.

2. Find lots of free spins

You can find 5 free spins at various sites like Boomtown. These freebies have terms & conditions so it’s important to learn how you can and can’t use the free spins. The more free spins you find the more you can invest by playing games like Thunderstruck II and Jurassic Park.

3. Play games with high minimum wager

The caveat is you’ll need a higher bankroll to take this step. However, if you can afford it then look for higher minimum wager amounts in order to maximize your winnings from free spins. When you pick games with higher minimums, each spin will be worth more, and your potential winnings will thus be higher.

4. Don’t rush things

If you rack up lots of 5 free spins, then it’s important to use them wisely. If you have lots, it can be tempting to use them up quickly since they’re free. As with other gambling-related issues, it’s important not to let emotions control your wagering.

Let’s say you start using some of the 5 free spins you’ve won. If you have a bad string of luck just take a break then return later to use the other spins. Sometimes it’s just a matter of Lady Luck being on your side, and that might happen if you use the rest of the spins later.

5. Accept ALL free spins

When you win free spins, they’re sometimes for specific games. If you want to maximize your winnings, then it’s critical to accept each and every set of 5 free spins you win when playing online slots. Even if Marvel lots are your favorite accept other titles also.

Here’s why. If you decline free spins, you won’t get another chance to accept them. This is a lost opportunity that will affect your ability to maximize winnings from the free spins.

6. Play games you can wager on

When using your free spins make sure to use them on games you can wager on. Otherwise, in a sense you’ll just be throwing away the spins. If you want to truly “invest” your 5 free spins, then it’s critical to select games that allow you to wager real money.

The good news is you have many options when picking games you can wager on. This will help to ensure you maximize the fun and excitement you get from the games. It’s a plus to win money from free spins, but it’s icing on the cake when you’re having tons of fun in the process.

7. Check if your free spins are mobile-friendly

In some cases, you can use your 5 free spins through a mobile app. This provides more convenience since you can earn money from free spins via your smartphone or tablet.

This also helps to maximize your chance of winning money since you can use the spins when you’re on the go. If you don’t have access to your PC/Mac, you can also use free spins with only your mobile device and web connectivity.

8. Check for wagering requirements

This is critical because even if you can win real money with the free spins wager requirements might require you to bet a minimum amount of money before you can cash out any winnings from your free spins.

In theory, you should look for deals that don’t have wagering requirements for free spins. However, these can be tough to find since few things in life are truly free. If free spins have a wagering requirement just make sure it’s relatively low. The problem is if you’re required to bet a lot to cash out your winnings it could actually cause you to lose money.

9. Look for high RTPs

The Return to Player (RTP) gives you a higher chance of getting big returns on your free spins. When picking between games with the same spin value always select the one with a higher RTP. This will maximize your potential winnings and thus your bankroll.


Published by Peter Garlow