Hey Loves!

For the longest time I have been against T-shirt dresses. Not because I thought they were ugly, but because they never fit me or looked right on me. T-shirt dresses don’t always work when you have curves. Some are made too straight and narrow, others hug in the wrong places, and then some are just too big that it just looks like a bed sheet. No Thank you! Ya’ll know I am totally into comfort so I did not really want one that was too tight. I just happened to be walking around H&M — obvi because when am I not shopping — and found this cute one. It is surprisingly a size large but I wanted it that way because I was looking for that oversized look. This one was just big enough without swallowing me up completely (I have also tried wearing larger mens shirts as T-shirt dressed but again the cut just didn’t work for my body type. Luckily this is a women’s t-shirt dress so it has a tad bit of curve to it). The other reason I got it in a size Large is because I was afraid the Medium was a little too short. If you have ever bought a dress that was too short then you know the annoying feeling of constantly having to feel your bottom to check if anything is hanging out. No bueno! Im 5’2 and this t-shirt dress was the perfect length (not too short and not too long). It could be bad if it is too long also because it is just too much material. Large and long? Not a good combo. They have it in grey, green, white, black, navy, and in a striped pattern from what I saw, and it’s only $10. You know I always wanna tell you guys about good deals!

Now on to styling. There are literally so many ways to style a t-shirt dress. Add a jean jacket, add heels, dress it up or dress it down. What can’t you do? This day was just a chill day where I walked around the city, ate, and went to a little flea market so it was most important to me to be comfy. I feel like this outfit included all my staples — sneakers, a baseball cap, and my favorite leather backpack in the world. My go to when it comes to comfort is always a baseball cap and sneakers. Since my adidas don’t get much love from me I decided to let them make an appearance. Then there is my hat. If you ever see me around town then you know I either wear this hat or my navy blue yankees hat like every day. Literally. It’s sad. Maybe I will buy some more for fall and do a post about all my faves! But moving on… I was really happy with how this outfit came out and I can confidently say it is one of my faves on my blog so far. So I hope you all enjoyed it too! xx



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