I was sitting in the computer and lab, doing my school work and this lady was talking about a blog she had opened. I realised there is something called blogging. I have been reading many blogs but it did not really sink into my mind that I am really reading material from a blog. So in that atmosphere, I kept that blogging thing in my mind and some other time I went to the lab to research about opening my own blog. I found WordPress to be the best medium and before I knew it I was pressing things and boom there was a blog.

I named it memoirs of karynD and from then I started writing my nonsense to show that I have never sat down and asked myself why I wanted to open a blog. I wrote my nonsense for a while, I kept on and without anyone engaging I deleted the blog. It showed I did not want a blog I just heard that girl and then I followed suit. But you see I have always had ideas and ways in which I want to write them down and reading other blogs and checking how they are structured I found that blogging is actually what I have been looking for and I opened a blog again. I gave it my two names Karyndimpho. I think although I have improved a little but I am still all over the place and this is a big sign I still haven't decided what is my blog all about. Yes I have a clear picture of how my blog should be but I find myself writing about everything and anything. I do want it to be diverse but for now I feel am still all over the place.

The reason why I love blogging

Although I am still all over, I still love blogging because it enables you to post your stories and put the pictures where you want them to be. Social media choose where your pictures are situated and where the words are but in blogging you put your things where you want them to be. I also love the fact that in blogging you get to engage with other bloggers and get advice and guidance from them on some of the things you didn't know or those you need to improve from. You also get to engage with bloggers.

Anyway before I say much that can be irrelevant, I became a blogger after hearing someone talking about her blog. I don't know her to this day and I wish I asked her the name of her blog and then checked it out. But I don't regret it blogging. At least now I can share my thoughts and stories with others and get input from them. I also follow other blogs and I get to read nice things and obviously engage with those bloggers through comments and likes. I still have a lot to learn but I will get there and so far I am happy with the progress. So how did you start blogging?

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