Every so often, I find myself sinking.

Usually it’s in coffee.

But this time it was in quick sand oats.

Well they weren’t exactly quick oats because they were organic, homemade and all, but you get the point.


I used to have nightmares of how I would squirm, scream and ultimately sink to an ugly death in quick sand.

I never envisioned it being so healthy.

Here I am, sinking slowly but surely,

Into thick creamy yoghurt,

With ripe yellow mangoes and peaches smiling me goodbye.

I’m snacking on homemade granola, chia and pumpkin seeds, why I feel my cholesterol going down already.


Yoghurt’s up to my neck.

Oooh that makes slurping it so much easier.

I think I’m going under.

Oh wait, I can touch the bottom if I tiptoe.

Umm… Someone help me out?

This article was first published on The Food Trooper. Check out the blog for more whimsical food writing.

Published by Jeremy Ng