Meeting My Penpals for the First Time

If you have ever started penpalling at any time in your life, you get to the point in that friendship that you really want to meet that person. I have only met two of my penpals, Helena from Australia and Winnie Wu from Taiwan. Sometimes meeting someone like this can leave you in a pretty awkward position especially if you are not very social. I thought that I had been over what I would say a thousand times, what questions I would ask if I ever met any of my pals. Here are the stories of my first meet ups with Helena and Winnie.

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This is the only picture I have of Helena and me. We were at Jasper park. It was soooo cold!

Helena came over in the United States in 2014, she made it to Alabama in February, which I might add is a cold time to be in the beautiful state of Alabama. The first time we met she came to my work, at the time I was working at Dollar General. I thought it was pretty exciting that she met me there, I won’t lie, I felt like I had won some award I wanted to show off and tell everyone about.
She stayed for a bit and we discussed a good place and time for us to meet up. Well, here is the good ole part, we decided to stay in Walker County, and I took her to Jasper Park, fed the ducks but didn’t stay long because she was wearing flip flops and it was freezing outside.

We moved along to the Jasper Mall, where we stayed and talked for a bit. And when I say we talked a bit I mean her and my husband John (boyfriend at the time) talked. I will admit, I was a little shy. I think I was baffled. I had all these questions I wanted to ask, but my mind went blank. We got hungry and we went to Zaxby’s to eat, and ended up hanging out until it closed. We talked a lot more and then it was time for her to go. We hugged and said our goodbyes and she was off to her next adventure. I also don't want to forget that Helena is also a traveler and also a blogger as well, she has a blog and facebook.  I know this next time around when we meet it is going to be so different and I can’t wait.

Winnie Wu came the exact same year and the exact same month, but Winnie stayed at my house with my family. At this time I was still living at home. John and I picked her up from the airport, brought her back, and I think it was late in the evening or night time. I didn’t get to take Winnie to a lot of places because our winter weather was crazy, it even snowed at some point! Anyhow, I took Winnie to the Galleria in Birmingham and I also had my first bubble tea. Bubble is a Taiwanese tea drink and they have these chewy balls in them. You just have to try it one day. I do believe it is not available anymore in the Galleria though. I also, took Winnie to The Statue of Liberty, Okay it is a replica that was donated by Liberty National Life Insurance Company, but still it is pretty neat and I suggest you check it out. John and also took her to The McWane Science Center, I think she had an okay time there. After that, we ended up getting stuck at the house because of the weather. Winnie was supposed to stay a week but ended up staying about 10 days. Her flights kept getting delayed because of the ice and snow. But on our inside days, the one day that it snowed pretty good, she got to play in the snow, and I made snow cream which was pretty dang good.

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Winnie was actually here for my birthday celebration. My birthday is on Valentine's Day.

I know Winnie had to be bored because the area that we lived in was deep in the country, far from anything we could walk too. She lives in the city so she is used to having things in close walking distance. Eventually it was time for her to go. I had to work so my family dropped her off at the airport. That was the end of my little adventure, and I didn’t even have to leave my home state for it. 

Replica of Statue of Liberty that Winnie and I visited.



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