Are you unsure just how reflexology differs from massage? Wondering which one is best for you? Though both therapies are relaxing, they do have their differences. Reflexology involves stimulating reflex zones that relax corresponding parts of the body. Also, reflexologists do not use oils or lotions. Masseuses and masseurs, on the other hand, use oils and other techniques to relieve your stress and pain. 

Difference between Reflexology and Massage

That said, both therapies are unique.  Experts who have undergone reflexology courses in Toronto are revealing the advantages and disadvantages of both in this post.


Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, because reflexologists use their thumbs and fingers to apply pressure to reflex points on your feet, head and hands. It is believed that these reflex points are connected to other body parts and that massaging these areas can release blocked energy and lead to relaxation. In addition, this treatment is believed to improve your blood circulation and energy flow, positively impacting your overall well-being. That said, reflexology is considered an alternative medical treatment and should not replace any of your existing medical therapies. 


If you are thinking of trying a session of reflexology, you are sure to enjoy the following advantages: 

  • Boosts energy levels 

Reflexology aligns the function of your various organs and muscle systems which is why your metabolism increases and you are able to get back your energy. If you feel sluggish, you definitely need a reflexology session. 

  • Increases blood circulation 

The pressure applied to the reflex areas in this therapy improves blood circulation. This means that oxygen reaches the organs more efficiently, optimizes their functions, and increases your metabolism. In addition, it repairs damaged cells and reduces stress, anxiety, and headaches. 

  • Eliminates toxins 

This therapy also improves your bladder function and reduces urinary tract infections by eliminating toxins and other foreign substances. Hence, it is a good way to keep you in good health. 


Though reflexology is highly relaxing, there are a few disadvantages that you should be aware of before booking an appointment: 

  • Not suitable during pregnancy 

Women in their first trimester of pregnancy cannot undergo reflexology as there are certain points in the foot which, if stimulated, could encourage uterine contraction and cervical ripening, leading to premature labour. However, reflexology is generally considered safe after the first trimester, under the supervision of doctors. 

  • High cost 

Reflexology is generally an expensive treatment, especially if several sessions are recommended. 


Massage stimulates the body, relieves pain and relaxes the mind. Masseuses and masseurs conduct this therapy with lubricants like oils and special techniques like kneading, tapping, stretching and rolling. There are several different types of massage from which to choose, including Swedish, hot stone, aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Thai, trigger point, deep tissue and sports. Each is unique so choose the one that suits you best. However, the overall purpose of this therapy, to relax your tired body, remains the same. 


Here are a few advantages you will enjoy with a massage: 

  • Enhanced blood circulation 

Massage involves applying pressure to the body with the hands to relax tensed muscles and improve blood circulation. This increases your metabolism, leading to a healthier body. 

  • Less muscle tension

Working out for a long time can strain muscles. Massage relaxes stiff muscles and increases flexibility. Additionally, an injury or the effects of an improper sleeping posture can be relieved through massage. 

  • Relieves stress 

If you are stressed, pamper yourself with a massage as it can instantly take it away and boost your energy. 


There are no major disadvantages associated with massage. Though it is expensive, it is totally worth it provided you work with a certified masseuse or masseur. In this way you can prevent accidental injuries due to improper techniques applied in a massage that can lead to muscle soreness and dermal bruising.

Which Is Ideal? 

You know your body best. If you suffer from muscle pain, massage is a good option; whereas reflexology is ideal to boost energy and improve overall health. Whether you hire a reflexologist, masseur or masseuse, just be sure to check their credentials in order to enjoy an outstanding result. 

Published by Eric Foley