This morning, at 6 am Bootcamp, as we were running drills, I thought about how I had changed.

I've always loved Sport, from watching runners cross a finish line to the emotion of a final goal. I loved everything...but the actual work.

The frustration of not being the best athlete was my biggest mental hurdle. Why couldn't I run faster? Why couldn't I do a proper somersault? If I can't be the best in class, why bother?

Dumb logic, right!? those moments you convince yourself that you're never going to be great, so you might as well throw in the towel. What a fun road of bad health that led down. I wasn't happy with myself not because I was unhealthy, but because deep down I knew I could be better.

There's a correlation between being fit and successful in life. Athletics teaches you to train and push through mental barriers. I never thought I would feel a sense of accomplishment completing reps of pushups or landing burpees, but I do. It's more than just doing them. I want to be better and do better; with every new physical gain, I can feel both my body and mind pushing passed what I can't do, to what I can, today. Being active is teaching me to want more for myself, to take the wins and push myself harder.

My 6 am Bootcamp is tough, my HIIT and weight routine kicks my ass - will I keep doing it? Yes! every day, even when all it takes is a mental jump.

Published by Misha Lobo