Junk food is nasty stuff. If you’re reading this article, you probably know that.

But you might fall victim to the idea that it’s not so bad for you.

After all, that burger has lettuce and tomatoes on it, right? And those fries you’re eating are made of potatoes, which isn’t so bad, right?

You couldn’t be more wrong.


Why Is It Such a Big Deal?

When you were growing up as a kid, you were probably taught that you are what you eat. And it’s true, you are. Your body uses the food you eat as fuel, turning it into the elements it needs to function properly.

But while we’re often deficient in specific vitamins and minerals, we’re never deficient in trans fats, refined sugars, and flours, alcohol, caffeine, monosodium glutamate, artificial sweeteners, or artificial preservatives.

Sadly, these things are abundant in fast food. But your body can’t sustain itself on this because it’s difficult to digest.

See, when you eat food your body breaks it down into its individual elements to do what it needs to keep you running healthily. But the more complex a molecule is, the more difficulty your body has in breaking it down, and the more fuel it has to spend to do so. Your liver, digestive system, lungs, skin, and kidneys, the organs mostly responsible for detoxifying the body, have to work even harder to keep up.


How Junk Food Affects Your Health

Junk food, an unhealthy lifestyle, and mental stress create the perfect storm for toxins and parasites in your body. This is where infections, inflammation, and allergic reactions can grow.

According to Naturopath Ann Boroch, the body becomes inflamed as a response to disease. The inflammation you experience is actually part of the healing process under normal circumstances, but when your body is in a state of chronic inflammation you can’t heal.

This is the point where your medical doctor will begin prescribing you drugs to treat the inflammation, but all this does is feed the disease by disrupting your body’s biochemistry even further.

So what’s the solution? Here are three simple tips to begin detoxifying and healing your body to rid yourself of “incurable” diseases.


1. Don’t Eat Junk Food

You knew this one was coming. The title of the article says it all.

When you begin creating a healthy lifestyle plan, the first step is to begin eliminating the bad stuff. And this is often a more difficult process than you might expect. After all, sugar is one of the most addictive substances out there, and it’s everywhere.

But a good place to start is to avoid prepackaged foods, since these are full of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and other nasty stuff. By avoiding processed foods, you’re eliminating a great deal of the unhealthy elements that can cause your body to enter a state of inflammation


2. Instead, Eat Healthy Food

Whole foods – that is, foods that have been modified as little as possible and don’t have any artificial elements in them – are your best bet.

When you eat whole foods, you’re avoiding a great deal of toxic elements which lead to inflammation. If I can give you just one piece of dietary advice, it’s to stick to whole foods.

There’s a reason why the salad has always been considered as the cornerstone of a healthy diet – it’s nothing but a big pile of whole foods.

If you are going to look at a pre-packaged option, at least make sure the ingredients are predominantly whole foods. If it’s made of asparagus, for example, you’re much safer than if it’s full of maltodextrin or diglycerides.


3. Supplement Your Diet

There are many different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other essential elements your body needs to preserve healthy cells. You get these elements through food, but because of the amount of pollution and nutrient-depleted soils in today’s world, the amount of these elements we used to find in food is decreasing.

Fortunately, taking supplements can help you make up the difference and maintain your health. Check out my website for a curated list of some of the best health supplements available.


Choose Health!

You have a choice today. Do you choose to eat junk food and live an unhealthy lifestyle? Or do you recognize that a better way is possible? By avoiding junk food, eating healthy food, and supplementing your diet, you can live a healthier, happier lifestyle.


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