We all hate to compliment ourselves, but I know I'm far from unintelligent, and looking at my AS level results certainly proves that. I wouldn't say I'm naturally blessed with intelligence, but I'm relatively academic and I've worked a hell of a lot harder than a lot of people at college. But there's still the perception that myself, and millions of other females like me across the globe, just aren't 'smart enough' because of our love of makeup. Sadly, a lot of women are brought up to focus on their beauty rather than their mental ability, however there are millions of us who use our minds to their full capacity and are still labelled as 'stupid' just because they wear lipstick.

I suppose the traditional negative stereotype of women is that all females care about is their physical appearance and makeup is simply a tool used to help us induldge in our obsession with being beautiful. And this view is still present today, even though society has moved on from it. Yes, I love makeup- it certainly did help with my self confidence when I was suffering from acne, and above all it's a form of art; it's exciting to experiment with new looks and it's actually empowering to be able to present yourself however you want. Now we have the freedom to choose how we express ourselves- no woman is being forced to wear makeup, but for me, it's a form of self expression. So I still can't quite fathom why my love for makeup detracts from my mental ability, I made the choice to wear it, and I'm still intelligent and fully aware of my ability. Your phyiscal appearance and the power of your mind completely seperate, neither has any affect on the other. Take Edie Campbell, one of the most in demand supermodels of our generation. Supermodel's have a stereotype for being shallow and absorbed in their physical appearance, yet Edie has proved everyone wrong by earning a first in her degree, showing that brains and beauty can co-exist and have no impact on one another.

 And it's not just our intelligence that is questioned as a result of our love for makeup, but some refer to us beauty loving females as anti-feminist, as by wearing makeup we conform to that traditional negative stereotype of women. First things first, that stereotype has no relevancy in our day and age, we know that women are equally as capable as men, whether you choose to believe it or not. And of course it has to be kept in mind, women do not wear makeup to impress males. As I said before, it's a form of self expression, and can really increase your self confidence which can mean the world to someone. I do consider myself a feminist, and feminism is about liberation for women, so surely I have the right to wear makeup if I please without having my intelligence and belief in gender equality questioned.

Academic intelligence is not everything, and it has to be kept in mind that there are mutliple forms of intelligence, but my mind is certainly capable of  a lot, and my passion for makeup doesn't detract from that. Imagine if it was reversed- you wouldn't call a woman 'stupid' if she didn't wear makeup, which puts into perspective how ridiculous it is to judge someone's intelligence on how they choose to present themselves. Material objects such as makeup have no impact on a person's capability or core beliefs, so there's no reason to judge a book by its cover.

I'm not going to stop wearing makeup, and I'm not going to stop pushing my mind to it's limits. Yes, I'm passionate about beauty and makeup, and no, I'm not stupid. After all, why can't us women have it all? It's our right, and we deserve it.

By Rachel S.D.B


image sourced from: https://renardajoy.wordpress.com/2012/02/06/getting-rid-of-smudged-makeup-once-and-for-all-2/

Published by Rachel S.D.B