Imagine a ravenous giant roving over fertile land, gobbling up everything in its site. And it is not satisfied no matter how much of the land's resources it depletes. But that fact doesn't stop this mammoth being. It just wants more.

What you visualized sums the basic definition of the word "consume". But there does not need to be a giant and roving is not a prerequisite. Gobbling is the main factor.

To consume is to devour, destroy or spend wastefully. As a culture, we are in a constant state of consumption. We are bombarded with advertising driving our insatiable lust for the unnecessary. And even though we craved these things when initially bought, what we own is never good enough. Furthermore, our purchases need to be new, name-brand, and better than the neighbors. Then more space is required to store the stuff, not to mention the time needed to clean or care for the accumulations.

Consume. Consume. Consume. Gobble-gobble-gobble. Does this sound like your life?


Challenge #2: How Long Can You Go Without Consuming?


This challenge is simple. How long can you go without buying the non-essential? Clothing is necessary only if you have none. Food is necessary, but is fast food? Water is necessary, but does it have to be in an individual single-serve plastic bottle?

There is no set time for this challenge. You are just watching your habits. Observe if you are buying something recently advertised or spending because you feel lacking or envious.

And when you get ready to hand over the cash, ask yourself "why?"  Also ask would that $300 look better on a discarded item thrown in a corner or on your bank statement?


Happy consumption-free days!



Published by Bridgette B.