Good and bad habits play out in many forms through our daily behavior. And from time to time, it's a good idea to do a self-evaluation to discover how much conscious control over our behaviors we exert and how much is robotic and habitual.

So in this first challenge we will take a look at a particular behavior in which many of us participate-complaining. Since there are so many outlets to voice displeasure, it becomes a sport for many. However, it's draining to indulge in, listen to and read. Most times it serves no other purpose than to burden people with our negativity.

Perhaps you believe you rarely complain. If you genuinely understand yourself to be a positive person, you should have no problem with this challenge. But you may surprise yourself with how many complaints stem for you. Just take the challenge and find out for yourself.


Challenge #1: How Long Can You Go Without Complaining?

Complaining can be defined as negatively expressing dissatisfaction, resentment or pain without a positive intention of remedying the situation. For clarity, let's look at 2 examples.


1) My professor is ridiculous and gives me too many assignments. I don't have time to write all these papers and she's crazy if she thinks I will do all this work!

2) I have several papers to write for English which makes me feel anxious. But I will tackle 2-3 pages every day so I don't get overwhelmed.


In the first example, there's no resolution and just an expression of frustration and possibly anger. In the second, a fact is stated and a way to resolve it indicated. Understand the difference?

Now to begin, choose a start time and end 24 hours later. Remember, stating the facts with the intention of taking action to remedy the problem is not considered complaining. Also, this challenge doesn't require any special equipment or ceremony. But you could use a rubber band and switch it from wrist to wrist each time you observe yourself complaining. You could instead make a tick mark on a paper. The point is to note every time you voice a grievance including giving audience to other people's hems and haws.

You can begin your 24 hours anytime, but morning is a great starting point since the day is new and anything is possible. Please come back to share your results and what you learned about yourself.


Happy complaint-free day!





Published by Bridgette B.