The other day during my break between squats, this older gentleman who is new to the gym comes over and starts talking to me. I’ve seen him a few times and he ends up talking about how long he usually stays at the gym: which is 2 hours.

2 hours?? Holy cow. I personally don’t think I have the attention span to stay at the gym for 2 hours on my own haha. He asked me how long I stay and I told him 40 to 45 minutes. He looked at me like I was crazy. He said “That’s it?!” and he kind of chuckled after.

I went back to finishing my workout and that day I ended up staying for a full 45 minutes because of the chit chatting. I got to thinking about the question I was asked a while back: "How much do you squat?". Does it really matter how long I stay at the gym for my workouts? No. There's not a required amount of time to be spent there. I see some people going for 25 minutes sometimes and that works for them; they could possibly be going twice a day. For me 25 minutes once a day doesn't work, I won't feel anything the next day. But, if that’s the only time you can find to go and you dedicate yourself to the gym during that time span, good for you. I’m proud of and happy for people who do that—it shows motivation and commitment.

Don’t let people sway your thoughts or make you second guess your gym habits (unless of course you're not getting the results you want). Everyone is different: some people stay for over an hour because they don’t go as often during the week, some people may only stay for 25-30 minutes because they go everyday. Not only are people’s lifestyles different to fit into gym schedules, but everyone’s bodies are different! For some, it could possibly only take a daily 30 minute workout for them to notice the changes they want while others may require a longer session.

In most of my food and fitness posts, I always revisit this focus: adjust to what YOUR body needs. I cannot stress this enough. It’ll take some experimenting but that’s the only way you will really figure out what works for YOU. I am all for taking suggestions and listening to advice people give but remember to take those things and morph them into what fits your lifestyle and gym habits. Watch videos for ideas, sign up for a personal trainer, research, talk to friends, talk to people at the gym—be open minded. But do not simply follow without questioning; gather information and create something that works for YOU.

Published by N Lezama