This will amaze you, when you get to know the answer of the question, "How many types of smell can a single human being smell?" You may guess, but I suppose not even near to the actuals.

Did you heard the name of George Aldrich? I think, probably "No". So let me tell you who he is? And what makes him different from all of us?

NASA has employed George Aldrich for nearly 40 years as its ‘Chief Sniffer’  to smell every object before they can be flown into a space shuttle. George can smell anything or almost everything.

Aldrich’s team tests nearly all items that astronauts would encounter during their flight including fabric, toothpaste, circuit boards, and the ink on their checklists.

Interestingly, George Aldrich can detect more than 10,000 smells. For detailed report view the video here.

Published by Shivani Gupta