There I was....

Sitting writing out my  ShySpecials and so much popped into my head. I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to Shy, the site, blogs, donations,etc. EVERY little detail must be perfect and I damn near have a heart attack when I see an error.

You can't be serious

Even though I advertise to the UPSCALE, your average Jo, everyday McDonald worker feels the need to call me. When they hear the donation they're always like WTF and will always try to talk to me down, now I'm like WTF! There's plenty of other girls on there that will do the half hour for 100 or give you a 60 quick visit, but not me.

Say what you want hoe, you're grown

When I first got into this I was 17, and of course, manipulated by an older man. He had me around a lot of other girls so they could teach me the in's and out's since he didn’t know shit himself. They all said when it came to donations it's whatever you want, you're the one that has to do it. I'll never forget looking myself In the mirror when getting done with a client, and crying! I hated myself for a VERY long time because the money for the service wasn't worth it to me.

Value yourself

When I moved to Florida and  learned what upscale not only meant but was, OMG BURBERRY, Dooney & Bourke, & VERSACE. You think i'm sadiddy now, SHIT!!! My uncle always told me, "you gotta be good at something you like to do" and I  love spending time with people. I'm a talker and it brings me joy to know I made someone's day. While having my time paid for, I've gone to banquets, on business trips, conferences, award ceremonies, vacations, shopping and plenty more. 90% of the girls on bp think "donations are for my time" is something you say to keep yourself out of jail.

Hoes like that Give all hoes a bad name.

I hate that word, but I've come to the conclusion that hating ass people are gonna call it, and us, what they want. I have an ex that calls me a hoe every time he gets mad, as if it hurts me. I hear all the time, from EVERYONE, "I've thought about doing it" Of course you have, hoe. Lmao it's easy money. Good money, or it was until these 60HH hoes came and fucked the game up.

It's your life

When thinking of donations I take a few things into consideration. Location, service, and sadly the clients attitude. Of course if you come to my home, my safe haven, it's going to be more than meeting at a hotel. Doing some off the wall, every position, bend me over backwards shit, is clearly going to be more than the old man looking to have lunch, talk, and cuddle. Unfortunately, if you get an attitude with me or I get an uneasy feeling when speaking with you, you're donating more than the guy who asked how my day is going and if he can grab me a coffee. It's MY body, it's MY time, it's MY shit! I'm the one that has to deal with you. I'll say as I please. It'll never be outrageous, but it'll be worth my while.

How much is it going to take to fuck you?

How much is it gonna take for you to suck a dick? How much to get you naked? What's your soul worth? To me, that’s all this industry is. If you have an addiction, this isn't for you! The oldest profession turned into a game and this game will suck you in, chew you the up and spit you out. Only the strong survive and this isn't something you can do forever nor should it be something you want to do forever. Even though I started when I was 17, I haven't been doing this for 4 straight years. This has only been a stepping stone, last resort for when hard times have come. You can't do this forever , you're gonna wear yourself out, and use yourself up. No man is ever gonna want nor respect you.

To be continued...

It's hard being a woman, especially one that gets looked down on because she sells herself. If only people were a little more compassionate and remembered we're fuckin people too. I don’t get what the big deal is, everyone pays for sex. You take your date to the movies or shopping before you take them home to fuck, you just paid for sex. You buy a girl tires for her car expecting something in return, you just paid for sex. No matter how you put it, point blank period. YOU PAY FOR PUSSY. I just realized how all over the place I am with this. I started with a plan and got way off track, though every point was valid. Guess the rest will have to wait for part 2.

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