If your house is more than half a century old then you must consider getting it renovated. This is what you will have to listen if you do not renovate your house. You will not only welcome insulting comments, but also termites and bacteria. If you are still content without doing any renovation on a 50 year old house then It is  time that you render it within your budget.

What Is House Rendering?

Rendering a house means putting a cemented coating on the damaged walls. This coverage protects the walls internally. The constituents of the render mix will vary with the wall type. Actually, most of it depends on the age of the wall. Isn’t it similar to plastering? On hearing, it apparently seems to be similar but there is a difference.

What Is the Difference Between Plastering and Rendering?

The basic difference between plastering and rendering is that plasters are applied on the internal walls whereas; rendering is done on the exterior walls. There is difference in ingredients too. A render mixture involves cement, sand and water. Lime is often added too. While, a plaster uses different amounts of materials. To be more specific, rendering add more amount of cement and coarse sand so that the walls have an added strength. Also, this heavy mixture is a guard to all unwanted environments. On the other hand, in a plaster, the quantity of cement is less. Fine sand is added as well to gain smooth finish. The smoother the surface, the finer it is for applying paints.

Rendering not only protect the exteriors of a building against hazardous environment, but also provides thermal protection to it. It restricts unwanted noise to enter through the walls. Also, buildings with fine finish are bound to be aesthetically pleasing.

How Much Rendering Cost for Two-Bed Bungalow

For a standard bungalow scaffolding is not really necessary. But then where should the money be invested? You can spend money for the following purposes:

  • Eliminating remaining render.
  • Applying new render and smoothing.
  • Finishing touch with light soft sponge.

Once the rendering is done, paint is applied. The wall paints stop moisture from seeping into the walls and causing damped walls. Make sure that the render gets dried up. Paint applied on wet render is likely to damage the render. Except the paint, the whole process will approximately cost you from £1,900 - £2,500. 

Rendering Price for Three-Bedroom Semi-Detached House

For a two store house scaffolding is a must to keep parity with the height. This is safe. First, the existing render is removed. Next, repair the brickwork if there is any damage. Then, put two solid layers of thin renders and finish it with tender touches of sponge. The whole process along with the scaffold, takes 5-8 days. It cost near about £3,000 - £5,000. The cost may varies depending on the following factors:

  1. The place where you live. Regional price variations are an important factor.
  2. The company’s reputability and size. Large organizations have a possibility to trick you and cost you more money. They cover their expenses by charging money  from their clients, sometimes even more than that, to collect more revenue.
  3. Demand for building works in your locality. Like, summer is the best time for building as it is a dry weather.
  4. Even if your house is easily accessible,still you need to  ensure that the company you choose gives you proper itemization. This will help you make a comparison with other companies.

Rendering Done on The Exteriors of Four Bedroom Detached House

For a detached house separated by two floors, scaffolding is must. Since the surface area to be rendered is quite big, it is for sure that the price will be heavy. This includes scaffolding as well. Time taken is more than a week. It will cost you between £3,600 - £6,000. 

Published by Justin Jersey