I thought today I would post something a bit different than my normal information, feedback, opinion kind of post and make this one an open discussion and by open discussion, I mean I literally want it to be an open discussion, hopefully someone cares about this topic as much as I do, if not then.. I will know I am not a priority in your life, kidding. I think this will be fun to talk about though, considering this whole "got muscle" vibe seems to be a huge hype and happy feeling for people. So I am going to do less talking and more of nothing in this post. Nah, I will share my opinion, I always do and I always will try to pick a side; some may be for and others may be against. Okay, let me first clear up this rumor that muscle is the new beautiful, do not allow people to make you feel like you need to lift 100+ pounds to be "cool" or "hot stuff", do you, you do not need your whole body gleaming in muscle to be beautiful and you sure the fuck (excuse my adult language) do not need to be a pro athlete on our TV screens to prove any point. Life plays its course, we have genetics and not everyone is meant to have a CrossFit physique and or bodybuilder physique and not everyone needs to come out of the gym looking like Arnold to be appreciated.  Doesn't mean people cannot strive for it, by all means strive for whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful, all I am saying is you don't have to look like someone else to get the same reactions as them. That was my opinion right there, did you catch all of that, hopefully so. I will make mention that I do believe there is a such thing as too much muscle, why? Because I think there is a such thing as being obsessed with gaining so much muscle to make a point in your looks, strength and capitalizing on your abilities. I think when people go out of there way to have all this muscle, they do it sometimes for the wrong reasons and that is when I say it is too much, when their heads are up their ass and they treat others like shit because of it, or when they lose focus on what else is important in their life to maintain their muscle. I have seen and heard of people in the bodybuilding world losing their families because of their obsession, I have heard of strongman losing a part of who they are because they were so focused on being the world's champ, being the limelight, making fans happy; that they forgot how to maintain other aspects of their lives. I am not saying, muscle is bad, obviously that would make me a hypocrite and I love muscle and I strive for more everyday I am at the gym just like the next person in line.  Hell I would even go as far to say I have my obsessions with my own body as well, it doesn't help me; trust me. As a matter of fact it made me freak out in a store because of it, long story.. 


I think muscle is awesome and I commend athletes and people who have it; have it so much where they have no worries. I think it is a beautiful sight to see people do amazing things with it, and motivate others who want to get to where they are. I love everything fitness and health and I love the fitness industry, hints why that is my major and my hobby and motivation, ect. I just feel as though it can hinder you in more ways than one if you don't know how to handle other aspects of life when you are not at the gym, if you cannot maintain a humble personality, if you cannot maintain a family, if you cannot maintain a normal day to day routine, if your mental state deteriorates because of it, if you cannot maintain happiness that has NOTHING to do with how big your muscles are, if you strive for perfection and each time you fall behind and it makes you cringe or unhappy, if you cannot maintain stable friendships, if you cannot maintain loving somebody other than yourself, if you changed because of the big muscles, if you had to take steroids because you were not gaining enough naturally (which means putting your body in bad situations/health)  and if you struggle with being okay with yourself when the muscles don't compare to somebody else's.  The list goes on and on, I could name another 20 at least.  Anyways, I want to hear from all of you, do you agree with me, or do you have your own opinions, do not be afraid to disagree with me.  I love hearing all sides to the story, engaging other people's thoughts and opinions and developing an understanding.  I think if you understand my reasoning, you may respect my reasoning, but if you do not understand it, then maybe you might feel like I am putting people down who have HUGE muscles (I am not) I am strictly making a point in saying that being something that you weren't before (creating a new identity) and reaching limits that make you stand out can be good and can be bad depending on the person. 

Thanks for reading, please share your opinions!!! love to hear from all of you.


"The beautiful thing about life is, beauty is what you make it" -Shay-lon


Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo


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