While looking for new build homes for sale in Perthshire, people often consider the number of rooms, bathrooms, dimensions, quality of material, strength of the structure and many other vital aspects. However, some home buyers skip checking the amount of sunlight coming into the property. There are some physical and psychological benefits of adequate natural light coming through windows and doors. However, people often overlook these positive aspects. So, let’s see the top 5 benefits of light you can reap in your new house in Perthshire.

Increased sustainability

Modern energy efficient doors and windows can play a part in creating a happier, healthier, comfortable and sustainable home.

Natural Light is safe

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are low-pressure mercury-vapour gas-discharge bulbs. There is some mercury used in LED (light emitting diode) lighting as well. In addition to mercury, LED bulbs contain some potentially dangerous substances such as lead and arsenic. However, these bulbs are very energy efficient. As we don't have more eco-friendly replacements for LED lights, the use of these can be minimised if an adequate amount of sunlight is coming through the windows and doors of your house. Natural light creates a safe and real sense of illumination.

Natural light is healthy

Sunlight can minimise the growth of harmful bacteria and other organisms in your house. It is a natural disinfectant. Following are the health benefits of sunlight:

●       Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

●       Boosts Immunity

●       Prevents Vitamin D Deficiency

●       Lowers Blood Pressure

●       Improves Your Mood

●       Improves Sleep

●       Provides warmth and cosiness in winter

●       Natural sunlight saves money

Sun is an excellent source of light and heat. So, natural light can reduce your utility bills. You further reduce your utility bills by installing modern doors and windows with air-tight insulation capabilities. These doors and windows will lock heat in your house. This will save a lot of energy in your new home.

Psychological benefits

Natural sunlight can create an energetic environment. Loyola University conducted a study,and it was found that people working in sunlight had more short-term cognitive powers. It has also been found that people working in sunlight are more productive. Though your home is not your workplace, still you want to be productive and have a positive attitude.       

How can you increase the natural light in your new house?

This Much depends on the direction, size and shape of your windows and doors. You can increase natural light intake in your house and enjoy the benefits of natural light. You can take the following actions in your new home:

●       Keep the shades open during the day.

●       Don't place dark and thick furniture near windows.

●       Include light colours in your interior design.

●       Use white trim around the windows of your new house.

●       If possible, add energy efficient windows on the south walls.

●       Use thermal windows.

●       Make use of passive solar heating.

●       Use thermal bi-fold glass doors.

Always check the height, width and direction of windows and doors of the property when you are looking for new build homes for sale in Perthshire.

Published by Zac Ferry