Imagine for a minute that you are walking down the street and a well know billionaire comes up to you says, “I have here three envelopes.  In the thin one is one ten dollar bill.  In this thicker one there is one thousand dollars and in this really thick one there is one million dollars.  You can have any one that you want.”  It would not take a rocket science brain to realize the best choice would be the one million dollar envelope.

    Spiritually, God comes to us with a similar choice.  He asks us if we want a small blessing, a medium sized blessing or the biggest one that He has.  He asks us if we want a small healing, a middle sized healing, or the total healing that allows us to walk in divine health.  Do we want some small gift, a medium gift, or the best gift that He has.

    Unfortunately, for many different reasons, only a small number of people choose the best.  We have excuses: I’m not worthy enough; those gifts aren’t for today; I believe I should humble myself and take the lesser gift.  God is offering us the best He has and we are settling for second best.

    He has blessings waiting for us.  He has healings waiting for us.  He offers us His best gifts.  All we need to do is to stand and say, “Yes God, I want the best You have.”

Published by Ray Richards