It won’t be wrong to say that E-commerce sector has taken developing countries by storm. The sheer ease of getting anything on your door at a click of a button has made it a revolutionary sector which has also affected the dynamics of other sectors.   

E-commerce has single handedly transformed the way a normal customer does shopping. The economical and digital growth of all the online marketplaces are proof enough that the world is now open to this way of shopping for their favorite clothes, accessories, food items and what not!

However, a lot of people are still apprehensive of going online and ordering something without physically viewing the product and even retailers are apprehensive of setting up shop without an established physical base. Doing online shopping looks like a cakewalk for most of us, but behind the scenes is actually quite complicated. Before the order reaches the customer, it has to go through processing, analyzing, transportation and much more.   

Multimodal logistics companies work on various verticals and also happens to be the prime reason why E-commerce is effortlessly flourishing in India. These companies help retailers as well as shoppers to have a great shopping experience. Let’s understand their working dynamics in a bit more detail and find out how they are making shopping a fun- experience.     

Lower Establishment Cost

Because everything is based out of the internet, the setup cost for any business is minimal. Before e-commerce, you had to invest in infrastructure that would be economically and geographically viable but now everything is set up with a few clicks. Retail stores also have to maintain a minimum number of staff whereas e-commerce websites require no such thing. This has helped new talent and businesses based in small towns to reach out to global experience. Now a fashion boutique in Ludhiana or jewelry shop based in Rajasthan can reach out to people in all parts of the world by being present on social media.     

No Open or Close Time

E-commerce retailers benefit from having a 24x7 run time, without any breaks. Any physical store would have certain timings but that is not the case in e-commerce. Consumers can log in any time they want to place their orders and some websites even give late night discounts to encourage traffic during these odd hours. This means you are connected with your customers all the time and it also requires one to promptly response to their problems. Logistics companies like TCIL have adopted technologies like EDI-ERP, barcoding, WMS, EMS, CIS, GPS, GPRS, VTS, online payment and technical support team so that they are available to their customers all the time.  

Personalised Shopping Experience

For consumers, the biggest thing as an e-commerce shopper is the experience that they get while they are browsing products. In physical establishments like malls and restaurants, customers have to browse through a lot of items to find something that suit their taste. However, a consumer on a website gets exactly what they want in minutes because everything is well categorized according to the choices of the consumer. It is even more convenient if you are a regular user because a lot of websites and apps remember your previous choices and provide you similar products when you log in the next time.

Return Policy

Most consumers are afraid of online shopping because they do not trust the quality or the assurance of the product. Door-to-door delivery does take more time compared to physically buying products but almost all products that are bought through e-commerce websites and apps come with return and refund policies, depending upon the type of product you choose. This policy has specifically changed things for E-commerce which is why more and more people now find online shopping a much better option than regular shopping.

Published by Sumity Paul