I'm a creature of habit. Sometimes to the detriment of everything else falling apart around me.

Case and point; I drive about 40 minutes to see a dentist that I've had since I was a little girl when there are dentists within five minutes of my home.

Are they good dentists? I don't know.

Is this a detriment to me? Only when filling up my gas tank, but perhaps you will see where I'm coming from as I relay my story to you.

Since I am a creature of habit I'm one of the remaining dinosaurs who still has a landline. Yes, you may take a moment to laugh. I'll wait.




Okay, back to the story, along with my ancient landline, I also had snails running my internet service. They may have been turtles on good days, but lately snails had been showing up for work. My theory is the turtles wanted a better habitat to work in, their water changed, better food, and perhaps went on strike. The company, which I will refer to as Turtle Velocity, hired the snails to fill in for the striking turtles. This was a dumb move and not in their best interest. For you see while my internet speed went slower and slow..er and sl..ow..er it actually forced me to start looking up other alternatives to my current carrier.


The Creature of Habit.

Turtle Velocity should have offered the turtles whatever they wanted because even though my speed was slow when the turtles were working, it at least worked. That is where my frustration level had finally boiled to. I was looking for a new creature to fill my needs. When I asked people if they had a suggestion it was beginning to sound like I was trolling the streets looking for someone to scratch an itch or scrape the snail trail juice from my bills. I wasn't trying to make it personal all I wanted was for someone to make the spinning circle on my computer stop and actually refresh a page.

I suppose I came off as a little desperate, but little did I know that my frustration level was only in it's beginning stages.


Tune into read what happens next when this girl steps out of her comfort zone as I begin making drastic changes to my once stable, slow life.


How NOT To Upgrade the Technology In Your Life-Part 2


Published by Kay Daniels