As I mentioned before I’m not extra adventurous when stepping outside of the orange cones I’ve set up around my life. But when the snails started working overtime to mess with every email, text, tweet, and even went so far as to ruin snapchat well even I had to kick the safety cones aside and finally make some changes.

I made the leap and called, what I will refer to as Jackrabbit Hotspot, and began my trip to Wonderland.

After my initial conversation with a salesrep, I’ll refer to as Ches, it began without a hitch. Ches told me everything I’d already found on Jackrabbit’s website. No shocking details. So far my trip into Wonderland was without incident.

Ches then mentioned details to the plan that I hadn’t found on the website. Offers that sounded amazing, wonderful in fact. Something along the lines of eat a cookie and my deal would shrink? That really didn’t make sense.


How is this possible?


There had to be a catch.


Of course there was. There is always a catch. I just knew it. After two years I had to drink some funky potion and my deal would expand, or something along those lines. The way Ches explained it sounded more like my initial cost was shrinking right off the top so having to pay more later really wasn’t a big deal, right?


Perfect! Sign me up.


I broke the mold that night. I signed up for everything. Phone, Cable, and Internet.


Me. The Creature of Habit. The Dinosaur.


I was still money ahead then what I currently paying. At least that is what I have written down after talking to Ches. Honestly until my first bill comes and everything is installed I truly have no idea what I agreed to.

However, that night I felt 10 feet tall. I felt like I’d just won the Olympics. I was going to save $60 a month. I felt like I was going to become a millionaire with all of those savings. I was also already planning on what I could spend the extra $60 on, so in no way shape or form would I ever reach millionaire status, but I didn’t care. I felt like a million bucks.

I could accomplish anything.

That was until my first shipment of equipment arrived. The cloud I’d been walking on since I’d made the decision to go “all in” came crashing down to the ground. The reality that I wasn’t still in Wonderland was quickly coming back and the overwhelming feeling of “what have I done” made me want to vomit up the cookie I’d eaten a few days ago.


Tune into read what happens next when the first shit, I mean shipment arrives and the glue holding me together slowly starts to melt.


How NOT To Upgrade the Technology In Your Life-Part 3

Published by Kay Daniels