I was feeling confident. Completely  confident about the new changes about to happen in my life. ME, the creature who munches on the same lettuce everyday, who walks around the same perimeter of her very small habitat and doesn’t make changes.

I was feeling great right up until the point when the first box arrived from Jackrabbit Hotspot. Actually let me backtrack. I was jumping for uber, ecstatic glee inside when I saw the box sitting upon my porch because the equipment had finally arrived. Let me explain.

I paid extra to have it shipped in one day. Now I never pay extra for anything. I know my packages will arrive eventually so why pay extra for a service that shouldn’t cost extra for someone just doing their job, right? Well, this time I broke down and actually paid extra, but let me explain why.

Thanksgiving holiday was in three days and I was already saving a ton of money by switching companies, so I figured if I didn’t pay for quick delivery, I wouldn’t see my equipment for another week, tops. Plus, I would still be ahead this month even with paying for shipping, so why not this one time pay extra. Yes, I was that excited to dump the snails and jump on board with the rabbits. Now I do believe I may have been drugged while deciding all this, but I was elated and happy so I can’t really be sure on the exact details.

So, when I arrived home after a day of waiting and actually saw the box sitting on my porch I was over the moon. Thoughts of super fast internet web browsing dashed through my head. What would I surf first? How fast would it actually be? Would this experience be so magical that the equipment would set itself up?

I brought it inside and as I cut through the packing tape I felt like a kid opening a package on Christmas morning. However, immediately I could tell something was amiss. There were not enough pieces listed in the box for everything I needed to replace. Stuff was clearly missing according to the directions. The elation I’d been feeling just moments ago was slowly deflating and fast. I kept looking in the box hoping I’d missing something or magically thinking something new would appear. It’s like looking in the fridge hoping something new will appear when you just looked in the fridge five minutes ago. Nothing ever does, but you do it anyway. I was looking in the box over and over hoping for the same outcome. Magic had to be real, at least at that moment. Sadly, I had the same experience as I always do when visiting my refrigerator.

Eventually I closed up the box, set it aside, and ignored it.

I went to bed that night, work the next day, and figured by the next evening any magic that needed to done had plenty of time to work. Sadly when I arrived home that night there were no new packages awaiting upon my doorstep and there was nothing new sitting amongst the same equipment that had already arrived. Stupid non-refrigerator-working magic.

I called Jackrabbit Hotspot that night and mentioned my problem. They quickly apologized and said they would send out the rest of the equipment asap and of course wouldn’t charge me for it. Gee, wasn’t that nice of them. Of course with the holiday now upon us, I wouldn’t receive the equipment they had so nicely forgotten to send in the first place until after the break. That also meant none of my service would start until the following week. Wasn’t that also fantastic. Their error was setting me back a week.

Apologies, apologies, apologies...and the story still gets better.

I wasn’t told that my current company, Turtle Velocity, would put a freeze on my account, which supposedly is standard practice in account transfers. Oh, thank you for that heads up. Apologies, and more long boring details on that shenanigan, but I shall spare you the details. The long short end of it is that it held up getting my new account turned on an extra half week.

A few days later and another call into Jackrabbit Hotspot to request, yes one more time, missing equipment that they couldn’t seem to get right when setting up the trifecta for someone and this trip to Wonderland took a full two weeks.




The original call I placed before Thanksgiving I was told I’d be good to go in a few short days. I called on the Sunday right before the holiday.

To say I learned my lesson. Perhaps. For anyone willing to venture out of their comfort zone, especially anyone who is a creature of habit like me, here are a few words of advice:

  1. Don’t decide to make life altering tech decisions right before the holidays.

  2. Ask questions. Ask questions. Ask questions. (and write it down)

  3. Maybe make changes slowly. Don’t go all in. I’m not sure that was the best move to make, especially when the company couldn’t seem to send everything you need in one shipment, or even two shipments.

  4. When calling customer service be prepared to pull your hair out. It is like maneuvering a field of landmines. The automated lady has to be a relative of Robocop. Best of luck breaking past her defences.

  5. And lastly don’t eat any offerings when you follow rabbits down rabbit holes.

Happy Tech Hunting Season.

Published by Kay Daniels