Back in the days when I was a freelance graphic and web designer, I had to work with various software. Some were on Windows and others were exclusive to Mac users only. I needed to work simultaneously on two computers in my office. It was hectic having to transfer project data from one computer to the other all the time. And when I worked outside the office, on my Mac book, I was not able to run certain software. At one point, I met a client and he requested changes to a project I was working on. He couldn’t understand how I “needed another computer” and yet I had my laptop with me. And that’s how I lost the project and that client.

I started searching for other users like me and asked in forums about this. Pretty soon I came across Parallels Desktop and I think it’s one of the best software I’ve discovered in a long time. Parallels Desktop is a one of a kind software that lets you run Windows applications on your Mac. Imagine shifting from Windows to Mac and they’re no decent alternatives for the Software you commonly use for Business.

It works by setting up a Virtual Machine where you install Windows. Your windows apps, therefore, run on a natural Windows environment. With Parallels Desktop, I can check how the website I am designing functions on Windows and Mac – both simultaneously. It has never been easier making one-on-one comparisons. And to add icing to the cake, they can both access the same project files.

You do not even need to run two web servers to host your app projects. On your Windows, key in the Mac OS computer’s IP and you will see the website. Pretty neat – if you ask me. If you are worried about Parallels Desktop slowing down your computer, it won’t. It’s not a resource intensive app. In their latest release (Parallels Desktop 12), enhancements were made and now Windows apps run smoother than ever before. You won’t even notice you’re on a virtual machine.

Despite being feature packed, it’s so simple that less technical users find their way around on their first time – unlike in competing for software. Currently, the Standard edition goes for $79.99 from major retailers. Even though this is a lifetime license, it doesn’t come with free upgrades. When you buy the pro version, starting at $99.99 per year, you’re entitled to all future upgrades for free. In addition to this, you get a complimentary subscription to their remote desktop service (it’s worth $20 for each year of usage). Parallels coupons can be applied at check out and give a 15% discount. (see more at

In the pro version, you can access the Virtual Machine through both SSH and through the web. Software developers also benefit from its seamless integration with Microsoft Visual Studio and other well-known Virtualization apps like Docker.

There is also a Business Edition of Parallels Desktop that has centralized management and native access to cloud servers such as Dropbox, and a 7 day/ 24 hours support. But, you have to contact the company for a price quote. If you’re looking to buy a Parallels Desktop license, you could use coupon codes and save. Besides, why would you want to pay more when a cheaper option exists?

Published by Kaushal Shah