There is a new concept in town and it’s called Google Discover.

Ever wondered how Google makes the most use of popular social media feeds? It arranges them in a stack of virtual cards and shows them in its Google Discover section.

These feeds are usually composed by keeping in mind the user’s browsing history and interests. A machine learning algorithm applied at the back-end marks a new phase in Google Search where one isn’t actually required to perform any user-based search. The purpose of Google Discover is to provide users with relevant content before they even open up Google’s Search and type in their respective keyword.

How do we know that the Feed has proven itself to be a thriving hit? more than 800 million users have already confirmed that Google Discover has turned out to be quite a useful feature for them.

How is the New Google Discover Better?

Previously known as the Google Feed, Google Discover has new and updated features. These new features are,

  • A completely new stunning look emphasizing the visual content. Now every time a post is published on the Google Discover, you can actually click the topic header and go through the content.
  • Previously, Google Feed only showed news content; however, now the content showed on Google Discover is more personalized based on search queries. It is pretty much different for everyone.
  • With Google Discover, you can now have more control over each of the card. You can also specify whether you wish to see a lot of cards or just a few particular ones that are more significant.
  • Previously, Google Feed was only accessible for users who are searching on Google from the mobile app. Now, with Google Discover, the feed will be present on all mobile browsers.

How to Optimize for Google Discover?

Google discover marks itself as the bringer of tremendous change in the world of search engine research. People now don’t have to rely on keyword specific search queries and can actually find the most relevant topic by simply accessing the Google Discover option.

With Discover, you won’t have to rely any longer on keyword optimization. That certainly doesn’t mean that the purpose of an SEO specialist goes into the void. To rank your brand on Google Discover, you will still have to follow the same exact SEO practices applied previously.

Here are some quick tips which can help you rank your content on Google Discover within no time.

Create Engaging and Interactive Content

When writing content, make sure to produce quality instead of quantity while keeping in mind that you need to resolve their problems. With the new Google Discover, quality is not just everything. Alongside quality, you will have to focus that your content is more engaging and appealing for your readers.  

Take for example, your social media feed. What gets the most attention? Where do you and your friends interact the most? If it isn’t something completely unique and better! Google Discover will follow the same principle. It will show posts that are trending in social media, the ones which you are interacting with.

The best thing about Discover is that it will follow what you have engaged with on social media. If your published content is already engaging enough, then all you have to do now is think how you can influence leads and customers to using email marketing.

Create Content Which Will Last for Long

If you want to see yourself rank on Google’s Discover Feed, then you will have to focus on creating a mix of content. According to Google, it will be focusing on both newsworthy and fresh content for its respective Discover Feed.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you have room and space for both types of content. Also, you can work on your own published pieces which you believe are evergreen for grasping the audiences’ attention. Slap a foundation on one of these pieces and add a few more floors to it, if you have to. One way or the other, it will contribute in ranking your content to the top of the charts in no time.  

Make Use of Images & Video to Rank on Discover

When Google announced the launch of the new and improved Google Discover, it highlighted the fact that users will more likely interact with more fresh visual content and unique images in their Discover feed.

If you want your content to surface on Google Discover, then you will have to make sure that you use more high-quality images and relevant thumbnails. You can also translate your content into a video and make more of an impact. Because believe it or not, the future is all about videos.

Build Content Which is Trustworthy & Authentic

Keeping in mind, Facebook’s algorithm of showing trustworthy content on user Live Feed’s first, Google Discover is going to follow the same exact principle and allow contents to rise up first which are deemed as trustworthy. The trustworthiness of the content will be based on the user-ratings provided.

The factor of trustworthiness in the eyes of Google is developed based on your website authority. As one of the best digital marketing strategies in place, you can always use backlinks from high-quality websites to enhance your website authority.

The Final Wrap Up and What You Need to Do

So you see, all you have to do now is publish high-quality content with perfect images and let Google do the rest for you. You will need people to interact with your published pages and you have countless ways to attract traffic to your blog page now, don’t you? Create lead magnets and start social sharing.

And before you know, your content will start appearing on the Google Discover in different Feeds.

So that’s the final note of our discussion, let’s wrap it up all here. Share with us how you found Google Discover interesting?! We would love to hear back from you :)

Published by Mohammad Ali