It does sound surprising that something that is essential for socializing, sharing information and for keeping ourselves just busy has now started impacting our lives in so many ways unknown. It is the reality that social media can affect the health of a person in certain ways. In the 21st century a huge part of our lives is spent on social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and it does make sense because how otherwise are we going to stay connected to one another.

Watching TV, driving and exercising has some great impact on our health and now even medical tests are conducted on people at large to understand the many ways in which it is being done. The question here arises whether social media is good or bad for us. Basically, social media can be rewarding as well as taxing for our health, emotion or mental happiness. There are ways in which the negative impact and the harmful effects while minimizing the benefits.


Ways in which social media is impacting the health of the people!


Our work life, personal life calls for spending all the time on the internet. 24*7 sitting on the internet has taken a toll on our mental and emotional health. We are not stressed about things that we have rather about the things that we do not have. Social media exposes us to so much around us somehow making us feel deprived of all the things which we do not own. It is causing a lot of stress in our lives. The competition from the peers, social pressure to become and perform better is creating a lot of stress around people.


Earlier there were only a few sources of information now there are not one but ample sources of information and social media is one of it. Information has no limits, you can get as much as information possible from the internet and there are various sources to get information from, be it social media, newspapers, television, magazines, radio or internet. The consumption of information from various sources has increased manifold and it is only going to multiply in the times to come. Nowadays, you must have noticed that information is freely flowing from all the corners and social media is one reliable source of information. If you are too much dependant on social media for information then it could even prove harmful.

Creating emotional connections

Social media creates an emotional connection between friends and people which helps build strong relationships. Social media helps to connect people and bring them closer creating emotional connections. In this century where people are situated in far-flung places for the job, education, the emotional connection between people is somehow vanishing. So, creating emotional connections with the help of social media has become a lot easier and distances have decreased.


Too much of addiction to social media has proven dangerous for so many people. It is the addiction to the social media that a large number of individuals have started witnessing physiological problems like anxiety, loneliness, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and what not? Social media is more frequently accessed via the smartphones and the usage of the smartphones and its intimately intertwined nature contributes to the excessive checking habits.


Who does not like to stay updated at all times? In today’s fast-paced world everybody needs to stay ahead of updated and informed and news is something that everyone needs to know and keep knowledge of. The trend these days is that people do not directly visit the news website and channels to read news instead they rely on social media channels to read the news. You get to read today's latest national news in EnglishBollywood gossips in English, local news in English and not only that you get all kinds of news in various languages.

Published by Devjeet Singh