With the use of a digital receptionist like Greetly, the sign-in process and issuance of office visitor badges will be automated. This is an ideal replacement for the functions of a human receptionist. A tablet or a computer will greet the guests before entering the office premises instead of an actual employee to take their details. This is an innovative system that can make the office visitors happy in more ways than one, making it easy to leave a positive impression.

Waiting Time is Minimized

Among others, using a digital receptionist will make visitors happy because the time they spend waiting is significantly minimized. When you have a traditional human receptionist, the visitors will have to log-in manually, they either have to write their personal details using pen and paper or the receptionist will input them on a computer. With a digital receptionist, the waiting time is minimized because the registration will be done directly in a tablet or computer. To better understand how a visitor registration software will speed up the process of checking-in, visit www.greetly.com.

Pre-Registration is Allowed

When the office uses a digital receptionist, visitors will also have the chance to pre-register prior to their visit. There is an app or a website where the guests can input their details, such as name, contact information, and purpose of visit. This way, when they arrive in the office, there is no more need to register in the kiosk where the digital receptionist is placed. Depending on the system that is used, however, they might still need to register for their photo to be taken or their badges to be issued.

Feel Safer in the Office

Keeping the workplace safe should be a priority for the management. When it is secure, visitors will be happy! There should be measures in place to eliminate threats in the office. One of the things that can help will be a digital receptionist. It will not provide office access to people who are blacklisted. More so, those who intend to do any criminal activity might be threatened, given the fact that the system will have a visitor’s photo on file.

Contact Person is Immediately Available

Another good thing about a digital receptionist is how it informs the contact person immediately right after the registration. Once the name of the contact person has been inputted in the app, the contact will be immediately informed through a number of ways, such as a phone call or email. This minimizes the likelihood that the guests will be kept waiting. This also provides immediate notification to the visitor when the contact person is unavailable.

Indeed, with the things that have been mentioned above, it is pretty clear that a digital receptionist is a must-have in the business. This can make your visitors happier by minimizing the time they need to wait, making it possible to pre-register, and feel safer when they are in the office premises, among other things.


Published by Zachary McGavin