Here’s how to achieve soft, smooth and volumized hair in 5 easy steps.

This will leave you feeling stunning, confident and great!

  1. Shampoo & Condition!

    This is my favourite set. It’s got great nutrients and no harsh chemicals plus is smells amazing!

    2. Use a great after spray. When your hair is damp you should use a great detangler or damage eraser to help your hair. Go for something with little to no harsh chemicals and great benefits.



    This is my go-to after shower leave in product. It’s got 10 great benefits and totally worth the investment.

    3.Use an oil. Although oil is great for you it can be tough to use during the acne filled years. Thankfully, hair will always have a positive response to it and it makes your hair extra silky and smooth. I’ve tried so many hair oils but always go back to the one and only…



    It smells incredible and leaves my hair feeling great!

    4. Avoid breaking your hair or pulling split ends. You can break hair so easily even by tying a ponytail too tight.

    5. Lastly, start from the inside out. Take a hair care vitamin or any supplements that are known for achieving strong hair. For example, Vitamin A, E, D, Folate and B6 are all great for your hair.

    OR try out the Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins that everyone’s been loving:

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Published by Andie Toderovitz