If I can't hear, see, touch or smell a person, how would I know that there is someone standing beside me?

If I can't taste, how would I be able to tell if what I am chewing is really food?

Our senses are the way we receive information from our surrounding environment, including the social environment i.e. people.

Losing our senses can lead to dangerous consequences. I once heard of a person who sustained third degree burns ( in other words, a really bad burn) because he was unaware that he had a nerve issue and had lost the sense of feeling in his feet. He thought he was putting his feet into "warm" water.

The body is so amazing that sometimes, even when we lose one of our senses, for example,sight, all the other senses become heightened and hypersensitive; even more sensitive than a person whose sight is intact. We can still receive enough information and our brains do the rest.

On other occasions, if the stimulation or information is majorly from one of the senses, the brain can complete the picture, and it almost feels as though we are receiving information via multiple senses. For example, texting almost feels like a real face to face conversation; you can almost hear the person yelling when he writes in Caps.

But there is a 6th sense.

And this sense is the most reliable. Only few people use their sixth sense even though it is the most powerful sense of all. It’s the direct connection between you and the Father. It is like a drop box. God just drops stuff in your heart. He talks to you about your life, your future, your children, your job, your finances, your career, your spouse, your friends and your parents and every other thing!

At best, you can only make an intelligent guess as to what is going on in your job, relationships, family and your environment based on the perceived information from your other 5 senses, but with your sixth sense, you can know for sure!

This sense is so powerful. You can know what God, I mean God...the Creator of the heavens and the earth is thinking about any situation, because you have His Spirit and His Spirit ministers to your spirit and so you become wiser than other people. People do not understand how you can know what you know, but it is your sixth sense working!

How can we activate our sixth sense? Very simple...ASK

Ask and you will be given, seek and you will find, knock and the door will (not might) be opened unto you. God also said that if anyone lacks wisdom, all he needs to ask and it is his! All God wants you to do is ask...

Don't let your sixth sense lie dormant, put it to good use. Use it! It’s your advantage as a child of God.

Published by The Teller's Tales