With the right method and the right ingredients, you can let your dog or cat follow a balanced menu that will keep him healthy. Talking about natural food, we simply mean the diet that you prepare for your pet. It should consist of fresh and healthy ingredients. You can combine and cook them according to the nutritional needs of the animal.


Contrary to what people usually believe, a cat or dog can change his eating habits. This also applies to an animal which is already used to eating processed food.

The first step if you want to give your pet a natural diet is to consult a specialist. Based on scientific knowledge, the veterinarian can prepare an appropriate diet for your pet. It will be adapted to their current condition and needs.


After starting with natural nutrition, you have to weigh your pet once a month. This is necessary to check the reaction of your pet’s body. You can also notice the effects caused by natural food. If your pet loses weight, it may eat fewer calories than is appropriate for its size. However, if it gets too much weight, it gets more calories than usual.

What are the benefits of natural food for cats & dogs?


1. Weight control


Natural food helps to keep the weight of your pet under control. It is a targeted diet. So you have more control. Moreover, you can take care of the food of your cat or dog in a better way.

In this aspect, it is essential that you are aware of the amounts of food. Giving too much food can cause overweight of your loved one. This can then point to additional health problems such as diabetes or kidney problems. The same is in the case of giving too little food. The animal can get problems if it gets less than the amount of food that is required for healthy development.


2. Improvement of physical fitness and emotional state


When you start giving your cat or dog natural nutrition, you can almost immediately see the changes. From the second or the third day your pet can be more active or alive. Over time, their fur will shine more and become softer.

Natural food is also better for the digestion of an animal. You can tell by the smell of the cat's or dog's breath. Their poops will also be smaller and less smelly. This is because their digestive system benefits from all nutrients. Their body odour should also improve.


3. Natural food contains no added ingredients or preservatives


Natural food consists entirely of fresh products. It, therefore, contains no added ingredients or preservatives that are usually contained in processed food. However, you must be careful. Make sure there is a right balance between the foods you feed your dog or your cat. It is important that you make sure that you meet all the nutritional requirements of your pet from Dog shop.


4. The cost price is not higher


Contrary to what most people believe, natural food for dogs or cats actually costs no more than processed food. It also has so many benefits for the life and health of your pet.


The BARF diet


BARF stands for Bio-Appropriate Raw Food (biologically suitable raw food). The BARF diet means that you feed your pet according to a percentage of its current weight. If your dog or cat mainly leads a sedentary life, then you give him 2% of his weight in food to eat. An active animal must get 3% of its weight to eat.


According to the rules of natural food for dogs and cats, proteins must come from meat. That can be beef, poultry or fish. You can also give your pupil intestines such as liver, kidneys and heart. Vegetables are the main source of minerals and vitamins. Oil provides fatty acids. Check out the best vomiting solutions : Make yourself throw up


Recommendations of the BARF diet


The BARF diet has some recommendations. You have to remember that when you prepare the food:

  • Avoid contamination, you must freeze the meat for at least three days.
  • Always cook meat to kill any bacteria.
  • Don’t cook the bones, always give the raw bones to the animal. You should check with your vet which bones your pupil is allowed to eat.
  • In the case of illness, your dog has to eat more vegetables. If the situation gets worse, you should consult the vet.
  • Do not combine natural food with processed food. You can alternate between the two types of food, but you can not mix them together.


How do you preserve natural food for dogs and cats?


Every species and every race is different. They, therefore, have nutritional requirements according to their own characteristics. This is also the reason that it is essential to get an evaluation from your vet. Do this before you start giving natural dog food to your pupil.

Nowadays, many companies and brands are involved in the preparation of natural food for animals. These companies can help you in the process of preparing meals. 

If you are looking for a reliable, online store which offers a wide variety of pet products, visit Petsho.


Eventually, you also have to make certain that all the meals that you buy for your pupil contain the right food components. With this type of diet, they are essential for your pet.

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