Deciding to study high school abroad is a more difficult decision to make compared to going abroad for graduation and higher studies. This is so because – 

  • Education boards differ vastly from country to country. 
  • You are changing your education board in your formative years.
  • You are changing your education board in the middle of your studies. 
  • A completely different cultural experience can be overwhelming at this age. 

You might be wondering whether you are one among very few who are applying for high school abroad. If so, then you are mistaken here. There are thousands of high school students worldwide who are applying for abroad every year. 

Common Reasons Why Students Apply For High School Abroad

If you are nervous, you can relax now, as there is a high probability of finding other international students in your high school. So what are the reasons students apply for high school abroad? 

  • Their family is shifting to a new country
  • They want to join top league colleges abroad and want to prepare a good resume for their college application early on. 
  • They want to change their education board and find other country’s education board to be of high quality.
  • Immigration pathway 

If the above-mentioned points cover your reason, know that you are not alone in your quest. Let’s now understand how to apply for high school abroad. 

Step 1. Talk To A Counselor

Whether it’s your personal or circumstantial decision to apply for high school abroad, a discussion with a counselor can greatly help. You can find counselors online or offline who specifically have knowledge about studying high school abroad. They can help you in the following ways – 

  • They can inform you of the challenges (both in personal and educational matters) you are likely to face and help you prepare for them. 
  • They can help you understand future prospects after high school.
  • They can help you understand the high school curriculum there and help you in choosing your subjects, understanding their education pattern, understanding their method of teaching, etc. 
  • They can help you in easing your anxiety and nervousness about studying abroad.
  • They can answer any of your queries regarding studying abroad.

You can visit CatEight and find agents near you. These agents can help you with your course and visa application. They also offer counseling services.

Step 2. Research

  • Your school options depend on whether you are shifting to a particular place in a country and want to look for school in that area only or if you are exploring the best options available. 
  • Searching for high schools online is difficult compared to finding colleges online. However, you can make that easy by visiting CatEight.
  • On CatEight, you can filter your high school research based on country, area, and type of school. 
  • You can find every required information – fees structure, boarding and other school facilities, contact information, admission requirements, reviews, a summary of the school, school brochure, etc. 

Step 3. Try To Know Your Options Better

Before you apply for high school, try to know the options you have shortlisted better. Here’s how you can do that – 

  • If you are already abroad or can afford a prior visit before settling, fix a day or two to visit the shortlisted schools in person. 
  • If that is not possible, visit the school’s website and social media handles to know more about the school. Read reviews and check the latest news and updates. 
  • You can also visit YouTube and you may find videos of seminars, functions, celebrations, etc. of the school. 
  • Try to know more about their extra-curricular activities and additional programs that they offer. 

Step 4. High School Application Submission

Now that you know where you want to study, it’s time to prepare for your high school application submission. You will need the following information – 

  • Personal information – full name, date of birth, residential address, as given on government documents. 
  • Personal contact information – mobile number, email id, etc. 
  • Proof of education record so far
  • Letter of recommendation from teacher or school
  • Personal statement 

You can apply for high school either directly from school administrative selection or through CatEight platform. You can even apply for your visa application here. CatEight’s system will fill the application for you based on the information you provide and will inform you about the documents required. 

You can find agents, information on schools, and process your application on CatEight.

Published by Harry Caesar