Have you tried applying a screen protector to your phone? Is it matches your mobile devices perfectly? Well, you might see someone's phone with a big bubble in some area between display and screen protector. It means that the screen protector is not fitted properly. Whether you are an expert or an expert, you need to use some basic tips for applying the screen protector. When it comes to applying the screen protector, you can choose different methods.

However, you should find which method works well for your device.  It is not surprising that people just open the screen display and project the screen protector. Hence, it creates bubbles in the screen layer. Here are some of the basic things that you need for applying the screen protector.

  1. Microfiber cloth
  2. Tape
  3. Plastic credit card
  4. Clean, non-dusty area
  5. Caseless phone/tablet

Choose your favorite screen card and start working on it. Some of you use the plastic card. However, if you are comfortable with your finger, then you can use it. Samsung galaxy s5 screen protector comes with installation card, so you don’t require a plastic card.

Before starting the process, make sure that the correct side of the screen protector is down so that it can match the screen display.

  1. After aligning your device, add a small piece of tape to the side. The most important thing is that you have to pull away from the side where the tag is attached.
  2. Next, you will have to add three small pieces of tape: one in the right corner, one in the middle and one in the left side.
  3. Don’t forget to fold each tape under your phone. It means that you will have to fold each tape in its position.
  4. When you are pulling the screen protector away, don’t pull it all at once. use either plastic card or your finger to pull the tag one by one.

Choosing the best screen protector

Generally, the screen protector can be either tempered glass or plastic film.  Although both are common in the market, people prefer tempered glass over the plastic glass.  Most of the Mac devices are specially equipped with tempered glass with advanced security features especially iPhone 5s Privacy Screen Protector

1. Durability

A good screen protector will have an ability to withstand any temperature and pressure. Also, it should have good durability to protect the screen against water, rust, etc. 

2. Hardness

A strong screen protector is one which can support hardness of 9H.  Most of the tempered glass does not support hardness of 9H these days. Hence, make sure that the chosen screen protector has good durability, resistivity, and hardness.

3. Strong protection

A strong screen protector is the one which should have an ability to protect the edge-to-edge display.

4. Smudges

A phone without smudges will not guarantee high resolution. Most of the screen protectors are designed with smudge proof technology that will make your phone look new.  

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