Everyone comes across with a drain clogging. It is a very familiar problem for every housewife when there is dirty water in the sink and you absolutely do not know what to do. As a rule, the obstruction of drain occurs due to the fact that it is very often used as a garbage disposal. Although with proper use, the possibility of clogging is not excluded. Internal roughness, corrosion of metal pipes, fat deposits are inevitable risk factors for the formation of blockages.

The share of solid waste of human life in sewage is less than 1%, all the rest - ordinary water. If the drainage system is airtight, it can squeeze out minor impurities. But if there are open parts of the system (holes are punctured, tees open, tees are removed from the revisions, etc.), water will flow through the leaks, and debris will accumulate in the pipe until it is completely filled, creating an increased pressure of sewage in the system. Since a significant cork drain cannot already be pushed, and sewage drains need to go somewhere. The only remaining free outlet for them is the toilet in the apartments of the first floors.

Woodbridge drain repair experts would like to give some useful tips to help avoid drain clogging.

First of all, buy a special mesh that will prevent the ingress of food from residue into the sewer system. It is the most important thing. Always keep in mind what you are pouring into plumbing. Even the most perfect sewer system will be hammered if you pour cement or gypsum into it. Moreover, never drain grease into the sink because it will remain on the drainage walls and after several months your drain will be clogged.  The fat must first be cleaned or drained simply in the trash bin, and then washed with hot water with the use of high-quality washing-up liquid.

Secondly, the more complex the sewage system is, the more chances it gets to clog. Therefore, try to avoid this mistake.

Thirdly, Brampton drain repair company`s workers remind that wool from your pets it is another premise to a clogged drain. Moreover, the situations would be even more catastrophic if in plumbing it was found such fat-and-hair tampons.

Also if you like washing shoes, aquariums, flowers, floor rugs under the tap, you will have problems with sewerage.  

There are two common ways of cleaning the drain. You are able to use a plunger. On the other hand, you can just buy modern cleaning products. Today it is enough to visit the department of household chemicals and choose the package you like. It is best to choose the remedy, in the instructions of which it is indicated that it dissolves hair and wool.

To sum up, if you are not sure about your ability to repair the drain, just call to special companies who with pleasant will help you to destroy clogging.

Published by Elina Sivak