Many of you are wondering why being a Tita is becoming a trend nowadays. It is a new booming trend in the internet when a 20-something girls feel older than their age. So here's a list of how you become a 20-something Tita.


Social Life

A social life of a 20-something Tita has reached a point where partying, spending money on booze and late night outs doesn't make so much sense anymore.

  1. When you rather go home, stay in your bed with no plans of leaving it than to go to a bar or a club YOLO-ing, unleashing the animal in you.
  2. When you get tipsy before you reach two bottles of beer.
  3. You don't like rave parties anymore.

Their Defaults

A 20-something Tita has their defaults on everything and it's funny that they do.

Reaction in Social Media

  1. When you start criticizing posts on social media that includes younger generation throwing themselves in a pool sickening situations which they think are cute or cool by the way.
  2. When you start complaining about people who can't keep their businesses under their own noses.


Preference & Interest

  1. When staying at home is such a great idea for you and you are totally loving it!
  2. When personalized idea, tea and/or coffee is your way of therapy.
  3. Buying groceries is another!
  4. Discount is something you look forward to. And you just can't miss it.
  5. Bathing is one of the best part of your day. 
  6. Having a same taste with your mom.
  7. You stick to the love of your life. I mean, books, arts, music, house chores, etc.


Lifestyle & Responsibilities

A 20-something Tita is not someone who is trying be to adult. Their instincts are just ahead of their age.

  1. You like to have an empty-weekend schedule. It doesn't matter if you do nothing at all or you do something productive. An empty weekend schedule only means a "Me Time" kind of weekend.
  2. Cleaning has become one of your hobbies.
  3. Your alone time is very precious to you.
  4. You try to be fit.
  5. You enjoy sticking to a routine. Home-Work-Home.
  6. You are trying to be fit and to stick to your diet plan.
  7. You're always looking forward to sleep and time for a good rest. And for you, 9 pm is already past your bedtime.
  8. You find yourself talking about grown up matters. Responsibilities, how to adult, budget, bills, etc.
  9. You are easily annoyed by noise, rants and kids.
  10. You are babysitting your cousin's daughter or looking after your younger cousins.
  11. You find your 20-something self asking younger people about their relationships and family matters.
  12. Semi-awkward situation and talk with older people in your family.
  13. Keeping and sticking to a budget.
  14. Being a health freak for checking nutrition facts.
  15. You know that practicality really works well.




A 20-something Titas' possessions! These are the things they can't live without.

  1. You have a big bag because a small bag is not enough for your everyday needs.
  2. You never forget to bring your umbrella. Not to mention that there's no sign of bad weather.
  3. A fan is a must for you.
  4. You love tissues! You cannot live without tissues.
  5. You own dozens of handkerchief.
  6. You have hand-sanitizers and lotions wherever you go.


A 20-something Tita never forgets their own beautiful selves.

  1. You are stylish but not in a revealing kind of way.
  2. You stopped wearing "short" shorts.
  3. Make up is a priority.
  4. Specially your eyebrows and lips. SPF too!
  5. Facial Regimen gives you thrill.
  6. You reward yourself with a pamper time.

I was highly inspired to come up with this article because of my friends who happen to be in different stages of being 20-something Titas of Manila.

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Published by Adett Feliciano