When I say that I really mean is how not to be deceived. In modern society, we rely on other's perspective of god to guide our own. That itself is the number one way to be led astray. "People judge you by your actions not your intentions, but you judge yourself by your intentions, not your actions". Although we are not to judge anyone we often do because other's do. However, we shouldn't engage in this because we truly are no better or worse than any other. We have all acted out sin. We are no better than a homeless person or someone down on their luck, nor are we worse than a billionaire who eats food you never knew existed. We are equal because god loves each and every one of us and he protects and teaches us all in different ways. He has given us a soul, free will, and the chance to have eternal life even after we have messed up. So why do we listen to what anyone says, but god? No matter what we do, if you're unsure look for it in the bible. Whether scripture is supporting or condemning your next move, that's the way to happiness, peace, wealth in spirit and in the body. 


For example, within our lives, we all experience the lust for something. It could be the new taco bell down the street or to have your name engraved in history both. Depending on the person, these can both be perceived as being worthy goals; but it's the actions you take to get there which will ensure your success. Will you cut someone off while driving on the way to taco bell for your own hunger? Will you ruin someone else to make sure that your spot in history is preserved? These are the questions that determine whether  you are in the right and whether or not you will succeed. People will refrain from telling you this which instead  changes the goals that either god may have set for you or that he will help you achieve. This is why you must do what you believe is right and what god says is right. After all,  he said " I am the alpha and omega, the end and the beginning" without him you will not prosper in this land or the next.

Some call it karma but truthfully it's called righteousness.  This is the same for a murderer who commits a crime and is sentenced to jail. No human is worthy to say which is righteous and which is wicked unless they can find scripture which supports their argument. Furthermore, we must ensure to not to listen to others before god. Our peers can often misinterpret what the passage is saying. Let's say for example that you had a friend that you perceived as being a nice guy that is really into the bible and is living by god. One day, you ask him why he is so quiet and he responds, "If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not loved, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.`` Now, although we can see how he reached that conclusion, that's not it's true meaning. Just remember any man can give advice but advice from the bible is the only wise advice that we should follow to lead a healthy christian life.

Published by Artis Camon