Due to the current economic conditions that have led to a substantial erosion of savings and even loss of employment for many, getting a loan from banks and other institutional lenders is increasingly becoming difficult. People often have nobody else to turn to except moneylenders. A rising demand for this kind of non-institutional lending has made this business really lucrative. For a your money lending business to really thrive, here are some practical suggestions:

Restrict Your Geographical Coverage

Money lending is a personalized business where you need to understand the local economy as well as the general concerns of the local population and what affects their financial future. It has been observed that the success of the money lending business goes significantly up by dealing with people who may be residing within a 100-mile radius of your office. By keeping the area of coverage small, you will be familiar with the local conditions and be able to read people in your community more accurately. In other words, do your business in an area with people that you are familiar with to avoid being taken by surprise.

Limit Your Loan Size

How much money you will lend to your customers depends on two factors; the corpus you have and the typical funding requirement of your local customers. Lending too small may insulate you better from the risk of default but you will need to have a really large number of clients for the profit to be worthwhile. If you are new to the money lending business, it may be better to start out with a small ticket size till you master the ropes; million-dollar deals done by the larger firms like https://www.libertylending.com/may sound very attractive from the point of earnings potential but even a single case of default could turn your business turtle. Smaller loans can be more profitable as they can be priced more, can be closed easily, and the volumes are also usually far more than that of big deals.

Be Focused and Honest In Your Communication

Don’t try to go overboard with your claims in your advertising or mailers just because you want to impress potential customers. Be absolutely honest about the amount of money that you prefer lending, the area you focus on, and how soon you can disburse. False claims only generate traffic that is of no use to you and not only wastes your time but erodes your goodwill bit by bit. Be clear and upfront about what you do, and your preferred client profile on your website. Put down your contacts clearly and provide comprehensive FAQs for the benefit of potential clients.


Your money lending business does not exist in isolation; networking and building goodwill with others in the same business can be profitable in the long run. When you have a lead that is outside of your area, pass it on to someone else and you can be sure sooner or later, it will be reciprocated. Both your lead and your friends in the business will like you better for your good deed.

Published by silv Watson