The peak of your teen is a time wherein you encounter stress, emotional breakdowns, priorities, and change yet, this will serves as our training for bigger responsibilities for the adulthood. This may sound very depressing, but most of the adults claimed that it was their best years because it was the moment of their lives that they started to became curious about different matters. I, personally don’t want to scare anybody, instead let me share some helpful tips, and game-changer advice to enjoy, rather than survive your teenage life.

*This is based not only from my research, but also to my personal experiences.

  1. Excel in School

School sucks! It is our very own version of hell, and prison, but don’t forget that we really, really need to attend to it because education is, somehow, important – the foundation of every profession, and career. Let’s just accept this part, even we don’t want to.

If you aren’t into academics try other school stuff, like journalism, varsities, clubs, etc. Just keep excelling! This can help you grow as a person, and remember to give your best shots as always.

  1. Grade Conscious

Stop being too GC, or grade conscious. I mentioned that education is important, but grades are just numbers that’s why I’m encouraging you to explore in other school related stuffs. I want you to grow, and not to settle for something you cannot use someday. (You don’t need algebra to buy toiletries!)

  1. Socialize

Acquaintances, besties, or friends, whatever you call them are essential to your life. There are times that you need someone to talk to, hang out with, and create wonderful memories to treasure. A small circle of friends won’t damage you. They need you, you need me. Quiet quits, right?

  1. Learn to appreciate

In regards to no. 3, learn to appreciate the people around you. Saying a simple thank you, sorry, and you’re welcome isn’t bad at all. If they keep on scolding, nagging, and bugging you is because they care for you. Some people don’t tell you directly that they are concern, thus, they show it in a different ways. You’re lucky if you have a great circle of friends that loves you, believe me I’ve been there.

  1. Choose your friends wisely

Humans do come, and go. There’s nothing permanent in this world besides change. This is my reason for you to choose your friends wisely. Friends that will last longer, true, honest, faithful, and who’ll light your world when it’s filled with darkness because life is neither about popularity, nor fame, it is being together through ups and downs.

  1. Live a fit and healthy life

Food is life and laziness is our middle name, swear I understand you. But a little walk every morning, simple stretching before morning shower won’t kill. Have some time to exercise, or if you are going to school try to use bicycles, instead of contributing to the worldly pollution coming from the vehicles. Also, mind you that vegetables may not look very appealing in our taste buds, it is still important to have them in our plates, daily. If you cannot really learn to love them, find some healthy alternatives, like having them as refreshments, desserts, and whatever forms you do love.

  1. Keep Aiming

In the end of your day, there will always be a silver linings. If you fail, keep trying. We tend to make mistakes to learn and change it for second time around. Let me show you a little trick to positivity. First, I want you to close your eyes. This particular closing of your eyes represents all the fear you keep, while the darkness you see is the hope, your dead hope, and now, try to open it, slowly. It full of colors, and lights, right? Well, in every closing of your eyes due to hesitation, those beautiful sights and wonderful hope you are missing. One failure cannot end your world, analyze your mistakes and retry everything, but sure it is perfect for the second time. Stay positive, the world is more than you see.

  1. Plan your future

Not because you enjoy, you’ll live with it forever. Wake up, you’re Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, unfortunately. It is still necessary to plan for your future because who knows what will happen to you tomorrow? You shouldn’t let your hard works put into waste, claim want you deserve.

  1. Love the life and pray

Franklin Graham quoted that, “No matter what storm you face, you need to know that God loves you. He has not abandoned you.” To every activity you do, food you take, and life you enjoy, you, we, every one of us must amidst Him in our lives. He is the source of love, hope, and everything that is positive which we should be thankful, and always ask for forgiveness. God is with you, what religion you are.

  1. Be yourself

This may be the best key and advice I can personally give you to enjoy not only your teenage years, but also the rest of life. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, keep exploring the world and see how beautiful it is. Fears will remain the same if you are not going to overcome them. Never limit yourself for what other people think about you, you are beautiful creature – just open your eyes. Let them judge you, but show them that they are wrong about insulting you. You can always be better than they think. Believe me, do it or regret it! Think about it.

Published by Sydney Tanay