Now since your reading, this you probably want to know how to be awesome now the way to be awesome is just start. By this I mean to start on the metaphorical path to being awesome. Now being awesome means taking the hard path but it is always worth it in the long run trust me.


First always be mannerly now this sounds overly obviously but I'm serious some of the most successful people on the planet say that good manners are the first step always say please and thank no matter who it is, say yes sir/mam not only does it leave a good impression of you on other people but also builds discipline now I am not going to go into great detail of good manners they should be quite obvious what they are and how to conduct them.


Second, Always be clean. Now I am not saying go Adrian Monk & keep your socks in individual baggies (Monk is a really good detective show by the way) & replace all you carpet for even a single stain but do your best to always keep your house orderly. The reason for this is that in life and in tests it shows those who keep their house orderly are the most successful people 69% of the time. In my opinion, if every did their best to keep their house spotless the world would be a better place.


Third. Keep a good work ethic. Now even if you follow steps 1 & 2 flawlessly you still won't go anywhere without a good work ethic you need to work hard at everything you do do it 100% (unless you are donating blood of course) don't let yourself spend your only life flipping patties just waiting for the next day off to go & party get job experience & move up any time you can (if the job provides more opportunities to move up of course) I mean really do you want to be like those people at the McDonalds who are 35 and been working there for 15 years ? I mean can you imagine what they are able to afford definitely not a good home a car or the new iPhone. seriously they have no ambitions in life they are probably never going to go anywhere in life. So remember in life always do everything 100%


Fourth, Limit your amount of friends. Yes, I know this sounds weird but the more friends you have the fewer true and lasting connections & bonds with people to make. Also remember to surround yourself with people you want to be like its ok to be the dumbest of an intellectual group of friends you'll catch up eventually even if it's not immediate.


& lastly, Be generous being greedy never got anyone anywhere I mean you'll also never make any friends EVER I mean who wants to be friends with someone who won't buy them $.99 fries like if you can afford that & you consider them a friend why wouldn't you? Donating to charity is not always the best option if there is a friend of family member that need help give them the money first. 

Also, P.S control your anger every time you resist anger you are archery rewiring your brain to be more kind & loving


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