We are al special human beings and we all have something to offer the world. At least that’s what people will tell you. But how do you find what you have to offer? Today I will explain my story and why I started blogging and all the things that happened along the way.  


Look, I’m not the most successful blogger out there. By far not, but I think if only one person could read this and understand it and maybe learn from it, my mission is complete. 


The odd kid

You know,  the odd kid that sits behind in class.. That was me, the girl with really big glasses and a stutter who loved books. I know right this equals nurd. Believe me a lot of people told me. 

The older I got I wanted to be more like everyone els. I went to extreme lengths. We all do and how much someone will tell us we shouldn’t we still do. In middle school my friends where all death metal fans. Although I can appreciate it, it’s not really my genre. But I tried so hard to listen to it and to love it, forgetting my own interests. The way I dresses, talked, walked… It was all not me. At that age I really thought that was THE ONLY WAY to live life. I got so depressed because I was depraving myself of what I loved. 

My advise to anyone who thinks this is the only to be socially accepted is try it. Try being like the others for a bit. This is needed to understand other peoples behaviour. But when you are alone, do what you love. No one is watching you! 

This is how you will slowly find yourself and break out of that mould the older you get.  This is how you will learn to understand yourself and your own abilities. 


You are not her (be extraordinary)

Everyone compares themselves with others. Especially teenage girls. They can be very judgemental. This makes most of us think we need to be the same way to ourselves. The amount of nights I spent thinking about why curtain people are popular, have boyfriends, better grades… is countless. But honestly it has never ever helped me with anything exact learning how to cover the bags under my eyes because of thinking the entire night. 

There is nothing wrong with not being the pretty popular girl in high school. In fact almost no one was. It’s only a handful of people who are popular and that doesn’t mean the rest is doomed to internal loneliness.

You are you, they are obviously not being themselves so don’t compare yourself with a copy of the perfect girl. She doesn’t exist. The fact that you aren’t her makes you extraordinary. 


Finding your talent

As children we are all drown to something. I love books, the smell, the story,  the art.. That has been my thing from when I was 3. According to my mum I tried to teach myself how to read because I hated my caretakers in kindergarten rereading the same books.  That was my crazy thing. The day I learned how to write, my life changed. Literarily, I was always writing my feelings down on paper. My old diaries are everywhere, with misspelled and unrecognisable words. I never let anyone read anything I wrote. It was my little secret. The older I got I lost touch with my passion. Not because I didn’t love it as much, I became a freaking realist. I can thank CNN and Google for this one.. I started looking up statistics and realised it was unlikely for me ever to become a writer that actually gets paid.  

I felt like I couldn’t monitor my success and measure it.  This says a lot about me and how many economic classes I’ve been taking the past years. But my point is,  just because something isn’t giving you money doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. 

Even if it’s doing what you love in your free time, it will never ever be a wast and I wish I realised that. We all have a talent, but we are afraid to share it with the world because we don’t want to be judged. 


Following your dreams

I realised that writing a book and getting published was a great thing to do. But in reality only a small presented of writers ever get that chance. My mums best friend (i will link her blog below) told me about blogging and about the different things you could do with it. She explained people where actually getting paid to write articles and put them on the internet. This seamed like a great idea to me. I wanted to give my writing a fighting chance. If no one would read my blog I could delete it and pretend it had never existed. The fear of getting judged was a big one when I started blogging. I only told my mum I was going to start a blog and the then 20 people who I had on instagram. It was a very big secret, non of my friends knew about it. Non of them even knew I had instagram, I was so afraid of being labeled vain and stupid that I just kept it to myself. And honestly this was one of the best choses I maid. If anyone of my friends would start asking me about it and laughing about it I would have quite. But once I had a substantial following and got comfortable I told people about it. Better jet I started inducing myself posting my blog and instgram links on twitter and facebook. Now when you see me and ask what I’ve been doing trust me you will get my blogging address. It is now a part of my life and I take a lot of pride in every single article I write.

And you know what to quote Ed Sheeran “I do it for the love waiting on the gold rush”. I don’t care if I will be blogging without getting any pay for ever. I will come home from work and blog every night if I have to. I love it and I put in the work, thats the most important thing. 

If you want to read more of my articles you can find them on my blog



Just remember

Life is what you make it, be yourself, explore your talents and become amazing. 

Published by Lisa Winckelmans