Let’s all be honest here for a second, being a REAL girl boss is HARD. Apart from running their business successfully, girl bosses also run their homes and lives in the most productive ways possible. I personally aspire to be a girl boss myself, however, as I haven’t reached that level yet, I thought to myself “How do you become the ultimate girl boss?”. Are there a few tips you can follow to ENSURE  your success as a girl boss? Well after reading MANY (like seriously loads) of articles on this topic, I have come up with my own list of “rules” on being the ULTIMATE girl boss.

  1. Social– A successful girl boss is good at the social aspects of being human. She may consider herself an introvert, but she manages to remain socially savvy. As an aspiring girl boss, you should build your social presence online as well as in real life. Make sure you can be found on the most popular social media, I personally suggest Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. You can have personal accounts as well as accounts for your business. It all depends on how you choose to ‘be sociable’. Furthermore, make an effort to go to networking events so that you get to know people in your niche and in other niches.
  2. Organisation– The key to a good execution of a plan is organisation. As a girl boss, you need to stay on top of your game when it comes to being organised. Whether it’s your home, life or business, you should NEVER feel disoriented. A good way to stay organise with your life/home/business is to invest in a planner or diary that caters for your life. This can help you understand your to-dos and can help you save time too! Use different tools to automate your business, for example, you can use social media scheduling tools (like Buffer or Hootsuite) to make being social simple.
  3. Self-development– A successful girl boss will work on improving her skills, knowledge and mindset. You should constantly evaluate yourself and try and improve. Spend minimum 10 minutes every day on reading an informative or inspirational book. In my opinion, it is important that you spend at least one hour a week working on ‘you’.
  4. Move forward– Being a successful girl boss means that you shouldn’t let the past affect your future. Girl bosses don’t let what has happened to them define who they are yet to become. Instead they ‘move forward’ into the future.
  5. Relax– Lastly, girl bosses know how to balance their work and personal life. They live in each moment and also take time off to enjoy the little things in life.

Own these five things and you will definitely be on your way to becoming a successful girl boss.  The main thing about being a girl boss, though, is to always challenge yourself, build yourself and the others around you!



Published by Aatika Seedat